Best saw for cutting tree branches

Best saw for cutting tree branches. We’ve created this guide to help you find a good saw for cutting tree branches. Learn all the details we feel are important for making the right kind of purchase.

A good, high-quality saw is something we feel that does not need to break the bank and there are still wonderful options available at prices most anyone can afford.

We hope you find some valuable tips in our buying guide below and recommend checking out some of our top choices.

7 Best saw for cutting tree branches

1. Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

Corona pruning saws are among the most popular pairs of vintage-level gardening arms, and when it’s time to take care of the home garden, you can rest assured that they’ll have exactly what you’ll need.

Their range is designed so they fit your entire yard and every corner in between, with 3 different blade sizes ensuring that you don’t invest in a product you won’t utilize.

It is usually used in agriculture work to replace more dangerous equipment that has the potential to cause bodily harm.

The hand saw blade can cut trees through over 5-6 inches in diameter via their razor-sharp blades, saving farmers a considerable amount of time.

Farmers can rest assured that they’ll be safe on their farms with the help of this tool. The blade thickness plays a major role in the ease of use and efficiency of a cutting tool.

This saw is designed well and comes with features like a blade that automatically locks when not in use so as to eliminate any accidents or mishaps resulting from it getting in the way during operation.

We also like how it feels comfortable on your hands and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re overworked after extended periods of time due to its ergonomic design.

The Corona folding tooth saw razor blade is extremely speedy & efficient. Each tooth folding blade can go through as many as 4 manufacturing processes for maximum durability and friction reduction before they’re sold to consumers in a variety of sizes.

2. Folding Saw, Heavy Duty 11 Inch ExtraFolding Saw, Heavy Duty 11 Inch Extra

The folding hand saw is one of the best power tools that campers, hikers and individuals, in general, can carry on their outdoor adventures.

They are relatively inexpensive and have even more purpose than most people think.

Below we’ll discuss only a few of the many reasons why this tool is so important to bring along with you next time you in the wilderness.

Folding hand saws are similar to pruning saws in some aspects, but also different. For example, folding hand saws can fold at the handle for easy storage, unlike pruning saws.

But in general, folding hand saws are similar and different from pruning saws when it comes down to their versatility.

REXBETI manual-folding saw is uniquely equipped with an 11-inch blade for efficient and quick cutting of wood, bone, and plastic.

The extended length of over 22 inches and the folding size of only 12 inches allows for simple transportation to remote areas for outdoor camping, wildlife harvesting, and/or pruning purposes.

REXBETI manual pole saws have refined its bow saws design and engineering to provide a tenacious, aggressive teeth structure that can cut through hardened plastics or even bone with its 7 TPI design.

The blade’s teeth have been hardened and are ultra-smooth creating an optimal product while being durable enough to continue to operate daily without problem.

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand SawBLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw

BLACK+DECKER specializes in making all kinds of home products a lightweight and compact design, especially cleaning equipment and power tools.

It is best known for this. Conveniently, they also produce gardening implements as well (such as ax-shredders).

With a product like the Black + Decker PHS350B that uses a light bulb, one can be assured of how convenient it will be to carry around or even to use when there’s an insufficient light source where one needs to work.

At first glance, this PHS550B looks like a toy you can plug into the wall and then proceed to cut some stuff. It is powerful but in a safe way.

With the handsaw, you can quickly and easily switch between the metal cutting blade and the large-capacity blade without the need for any tools.

Plug it into any 120-volt outlet and press the button to start cutting up your pieces of metal and wood. And don’t worry, the 6-foot long cord will give you plenty of range to make all of your art projects come to life without having to sacrifice power or speed!

The patented free-tool blade change features make blade changing a simple, easy process. This saw also has a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, and to top it off, it’s also lightweight, compact in design, and perfect for cutting small/medium trees using 12″ or larger blades. However, please refrain from using this saw for any aged lumber or oak – because it will probably break!

This PHS550B is a beautiful little electronic saw that has a grander feature than previously mentioned as well.

With 120 volts and 3.4 amp, this enables the saw to deliver 4,600 SPMs which makes the tool even more versatile and allows it to cut wood and metal with its large cutting blade. Cables of 6 ft. long allow for much flexibility for working surfaces.

4. Home Planet Gear Folding 8″ Saw sawHome Planet Gear Folding 8 Saw saw

This Saw have some of the best industrial knives available. If you’re looking for a compact pocket knife with an incredibly sharp blade to cut open boxes, branch out over some rope, or give your own sewing project a try then this may be just the thing you need.

It’s a handy tool for lots of everyday tasks and can also provide endless hours of fun if you’re someone who finds great enjoyment from fidgeting Best saw for cutting tree branches.

The 8-inch saw on this brand hand saw can handle multiple types of materials. This model does not have a curved blade, unlike its counterparts on the list.

The saw has an efficient straight edge which makes it easier to cut bones under meat than other models on the list; therefore making this tool preferable if you go hunting. Keeping a pair of these in your backpack would be a good idea while out hunting with friends.

These tooth edges are considered the middle ground when it comes to saws. Cut-off points and ripping points are sharp teeth that are used for more difficult tasks such as cutting stainless steel, cement, or hardened plastics. Too many teeth prevent the efficient cutting of large branches of trees.

From camping and survival in the great outdoors to everyday yard work and landscaping our pocket folding saw is up to the task.

You can use our portable eversaw folding hand saw as foldable camping saw, backpack saw, tree branch saw, or hunting companion, or add it to your survival kit.


This type of Cordless Reciprocating Saw is not designed with tree-cutting in mind. In fact, it isn’t meant to be used on small and medium trees at all.

Still, the saw cuts through trees anyway because the tool uses very thin blades which are relatively lightweight and easy to control both perks make this saw ideal for cutting through branches if one doesn’t have access to more suitable tools like a chainsaw or bow saw.

The tool can be either gas- or electric-based but these days most models are electric versions.

A blade is attached at one end. The motor moves the blade back and forth so rapidly that it can cut through wood with little effort from you.

This saw is great because it allows you to work much faster than you would if you had to saw by hand each of the pieces the same way because your hands would get tired very fast! Rust-resistant materials are not available for blades.

The best thing about this type of saw is that you can use it to trim or cutting thick branches that are within your reach, but if you want to cutting branches that are high up in the tree then it may not be the right type of saw for you.

The battery powered reciprocating saw models have the disadvantage of being bulkier and heavier. However, battery-operated ones are much easier to use.

We recommend safety equipment like hearing protection and netting like a breathing mask when using this tool outside.

6. Silky Professional Series Curved BladeSilky Professional Series Curved Blade

Silky Pocket Boy folding saws come in four colors of various sizes for the dents: red, orange, yellow, and green.

The saws are designed to cut while they’re running by using SK4 cholesterol steel which is very strong but also very flexible important in hand sewing. They’ve been chromed so as to protect them from resin and rust.

The handles of these long-handled silk saws are made from a special rubber called GOM, and their holding is extremely comfortable even for a large tree.

They provide an excellent grip no matter what your hands are doing or how they are positioned at any given moment.

Things like replacing blades in these pocket saws don’t require tools, and the blade teeth on this range come in four sizes as do their accompanying handles.

This saw is specifically made for medium to large bones of animals and people. If you’re looking to cut these kinds of bones into smaller parts, this saw will do the job really well even if it isn’t as ideal for wooden or bamboo processing like some other barbershop clippers.

7. Silky ZUBAT Best saw for cutting tree branchesBest saw for cutting tree branches 2022

This saw is handcrafted in Japan by Silky Zubat. The blade curvature length is 13 inches which makes it a pruning/surgeon’s instrument that has a cutting capacity of up to 2”.

Many tree surgeons use the Silk saw for its durability and consistency, as it has long been known for being hard and consistent. A hand saw is lightweight and easy to handle when compared to another cutting tool.

The blade is a full tang that makes it extremely comfortable to use (the part of the blade that goes into the formed rubber handle). These silk saws can be used either by hand or placed on a Zubat Professional pole.

This is one of the best gardening saws that can be purchased, so please be very careful when holding the tool. This saw is made with many strokes, which makes it easier to cut through a branch or other material.

Safety Features: The normal case is enclosed and provides excellent safety protection and practical transport of the saws. The eyes are incorporated with plastic connections to the boot’s sheath.

Check first blade quality when blade replacements are available for all Silky Zubat hand saws. Full tang blades provide stability to the saw blades, ensuring cuts are made more efficiently.

With a secure interface between the handle and blade, the product allows for more safe operation than those other jittery handsaws out there.


What tool cuts thick branches?

When a branch or stem is too thick to cut with pole pruners or a lopper, one should reach for a pruning saw instead. Quality hardened steel blades allow for faster cutting, and tree pruning by allowing the user to pull AND push the saw through the plant matter at hand.

Can you cut branches with a hacksaw?

A hacksaw is used to slice through limbs and pruning branches. When cutting and pruning trees, especially tree limbs, keep in mind that a hacksaw blade is serrated with cross-cutting teeth.

This allows it to easily cut through both living and dead wood, but can also cause the rigid saw to stall if there’s too much friction.

A major drawback of using a saw to trimming tree branches or other wooden objects is that it’ll make quite a bit of racket, which could frighten nearby wildlife (and maybe even some unsuspecting humans.

How do I choose a heavy-duty pruning saw?

When purchasing a pruning saw, one must look for it to cutting medium-sized branches of about an inch or two in diameter.

Not only that, but the blade must be at least twice as wide as the tree limbs you’ll be cutting – which is standard. Pruning Blade length varies from 10 to 15 inches for pruning saws.

When should the electric chainsaws blade change efficiency?

A chainsaw chain’s lifespan depends on usage and maintenance. It should last 5-6 years with proper maintenance.

The chainsaw chain will last a lot longer if it is used properly and taken care of. A weak blade can break after repeated use on hardwood.

Which are better electric pole saws or gas pole saws?

Is it because gas pole saws are well suited to heavy-duty work? Gas-powered saws are more expensive and louder than electric pole saws, but they let professionals and homeowners alike cut through thicker branches without the risk of running out of power.

How to use saw for cutting tree branches?


Best saw for cutting tree branches. we have covered what we feel are all of the important details when it comes to buying a good saw for a cut tree branches. We hope you have found this guide to be very helpful and have some new insight as to what to look for in a saw and have a better idea as to what options are available for you to choose from when making your purchase.

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