Best Post Hole Digger For Tractor

Best Post Hole Digger For Tractor. Digging holes out in the yard can be a colossal pain. It’s physically demanding and tedious, but luckily there are now plenty of better options in the PTO-powered post hole diggers on the market that can be operated by tractors.

These diggers can help you create those big holes for your posts with little effort. You don’t even need any expert experience to use these, making them extremely safe and reliable.

And if you are looking for those heavy duty, big time holes for some extra large posts then you’re definitely going to need one powerful machine – these diggers have been known to fit the bill.

If price is no object there are also many other excellent options on the market from lesser known brands – so take your pick.

5 Best Post Hole Digger For Tractor

1. Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 3-Point Tractor hole digger

Best Post Hole Digger For Tractor

The Tool Tuff Pole-Star best Post Hole Digger is a handy tool to have around. It works great with specified farm tractors, but it’s also good for use with other kinds of vehicles or heavy equipment so long as they can provide enough power and articulation.

This tool features an innovative design and quality steel construction. It has been helping many farmers, property owners and landscapers to achieve excellent digging outcomes since it was first introduced six years ago.

The Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400 3-Point Tractor Post Hole Digger comes provided with a heavy duty 90 degree gearbox which can hold two of the following compatible 6 year old diameters: 36″ long bits that range from 6″, 9″, and 12″.

They can be bolted onto a 2″ shaft on your tractor for maximum efficiency in planting trees and plants.

It’s constructed with strong, reliable materials. Its 1 series PTO driveline system draws enough power from the tractor to be able to complete its impressive digging activities.

You can always buy extra augers separately if you already have one. Overall, the Tool Tuff Post Hole Digger 400 is as good as it gets because of its speed, sturdiness and effective performance in any ground conditions.

2. Dirty Hand Tools Model 90 Post Hole Digger

Dirty Hand Tools Model 90 Post Hole Digger

The Dirty Hand Tools 100623 Model 90 is best hole diggers which equipment installed on your tractor that allows you to dig trenches. It’s a dependable option when it comes to converting category 0 tractors into a post hole digging machine and having the ability of digging trenches.

It includes a machine that may be mounted and has heavy-duty driving lines which are stronger than those used in regular trenchers for large and deep holes.

This truck has a heavy-duty gear and high strength tubing construction to help it manage whatever demands come its way, whether that be extremely difficult soil conditions or a need to manage effectively drill multiple holes.

You should have confidence that this device can produce well under even the most challenging conditions of rocky terrain because as we know it’s one of many reasons why it’s been referred as the best post hole digger for rocky terrain.

The Dirty Hand Tools 100623 auger is the best auger for your Dalla Post Hole Digger. This auger is simple to install on tractors equipped with a PTO.

It has built-in shear bolt safety shields and may be securely mounted on Heavy Duty and Premium Series Tractors, as well as many other tractor models.

When you purchase this tool, you will receive shear bolts as part of the package. So there’s no need to be concerned about overloading or ruining your engine or gearbox while digging.

You should be pleased that they have provided you with tools of various sizes to assist you in accomplishing your goal of creating a lovely post hole.

3. Titan Attachments Post Hole Digger

Titan Attachments Post Hole Digger

Titan Attachments is a best post hole diggers. It has a one-piece engine housing and boom structure composed of cast iron and steel that is welded together for earth holes.

Without a doubt, the torsion tube, pins, and bushings enhance strength, allowing it to resist heavy use in dig post holes.

The PTO driveline will amaze you with shear bolt holes, super heavy duty gearbox, and a keyed spline shaft for smooth and efficient operation.

This machine is simply incredible, with all-around weather protection and tough working conditions.

This equipment, which comes in 9″ and 12″ versions, is designed to dig holes to a maximum depth of 41 inches using an auger speed.

It has a 3.18:1 oil-filled gearbox shaft drive rate and ships with lower tyre pressure to reduce rolling resistance when being transported from one area to another.

With a weight of 237 lbs, this tractor attachment can be depended on for operations that demand effective digging time after again.

With the addition of a hitch pin and cotter pin, you’ll have everything you need to be effective at digging time after time, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

4. Tool Tuff Earth Ogre 420 Hydraulic post hole digger

Tool Tuff Earth Ogre 420 Hydraulic post hole digger

The Tool-Tuff Earth Ogre is sturdy and simple to use, and it will significantly enhance the efficiency with which you do digging projects around your house.

This tool can function with a variety of skid steer plates, but the tractor you’ll be using it with must be capable of tractor’s pumping system compressed hydraulic oil flow rates ranging from 12gpm to 21gpm, with a maximum pressure of 4000 psi.

This is a 9 inch earth auger that we’re looking at. It’s comprised of a strong 8mm welded steel plate which makes them extremely durable and allows them to handle hard use without breaking down.

You’ll be able to have smooth efficient operation with the pivot which is greaseable. To dig a post hole it can be done by manual post hole digger or an electric post hole digger.

It comes with a cradle that supports the hydraulic power head and even a quick-attach frame for carrying this equipment from one workplace to another.

The top includes anti-slip compound cover which will keep you from slipping when climbing or exiting the tractor and it is compatible with all drill bits that are compatible with 2 inch hex drive systems.

This unit comes in at $472 dollars so, if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty but would like to avoid paying too much, this may be the right option for you.

5. Tool Tuff Pole-Star 1500 Heavy Duty 3-Point

Best Post Hole Digger for Tractor

The Pole-Star 1500 from Tool Tuff is a telescopic best post hole digger with a heavy duty steel boom and sophisticated 4WD with a 50/50 torque distribution.

Tool tuff posthole digger is the best components in the industry to provide heavy-duty post digger performance while you dig up to 15 feet deep.

When a tool is working at high speed or on a rocky soil, flying debris and stones can be very dangerous. 

The tractor PTO shaft moves at a 540 RPM for fast tough soil conditions. The three point post hole digger is made from high density steel fence posthole digger for tractor for drilling holes.

It also has a lot of adaptability, allowing you to dig through rock hard terrain or flat damp soft ground with its adjustable trencher shoe, which allows for exact digging precision down below.

The Tool Tuff Pole-Star 1500 is rugged enough to handle virtually any construction site operation, including drilling fence holes, installing water lines, and pouring concrete slabs, among many others.

Despite being the smallest auger on our list, you can sit back in the tractor seat and dig all the holes you will need quickly and easily.  

The gearbox output shaft can be customized for various ways of working by using auger attachments; attachments such as the spiral tip and 5 heavy-duty combinations are included.

This is an excellent investment for mine workers. Because of the flexibility, one has access to a variety of tools to do any project.

Under the warranty grace period, heavy duty post hole diggers including gas powered auger are covered by free services and repairs. The auger contains replaceable cutting edges.

If a person is confused about which precise kits would be best for them, they can simply contact the pros at Tool Tuff, who will assist in crafting the right combination.


What exactly is the distinction between an auger and a post hole diggers?

Both a shovel and an auger can make holes in the ground, but the two machines do their job in different ways.

Shovelings involves forcefully scooping up dirt and dumping it out of the way, which is exactly how a post-hole digger works. However, unlike with a shovel, augers often have rotating heads that help to create long holes.

What size hole do you need for a 4×4 post?

Twelve to 16 inches  Tall Your post hole should be no larger than half the width of your wood fence posts’ diameter.

So, if you’re placing a four-inch round or four-by-four-inch square fence posts, your post hole can be anywhere between six to eight inches in width.

The depth of the post hole should always be smaller than half the length of your fence’s height. A hole 36 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter would be required for a six-foot high fence post.

What is a tractor PTO auger?

PTO post hole digger are attached to the tractor’s power take-off drive, as well as the tractor 3 point hitch. PTO augers harness the tractor’s power via a PTO shaft connected to its PTO drive.

How To Use A Post Hole Digger?


Best Post Hole Digger For Tractor. A post hole digger is a tool that helps speed up the process of digging post holes where posts are needed in order to support a fence, windmill, or any other structure.

When it comes time to choosing a post hole digger, there are several factors one should consider when evaluating which type of machine would be the best one for your project and situation.

For example, it’s essential to consider how often you intend on digging and as well as how many holes will be needed based upon your specific requirements.

Once you’ve weighed all of these considerations, looking into purchasing a post-hole digger will become an easy task to perform.

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