How to cut down a palm tree

How to cut down a palm tree. A chain saw big enough to chop down a palm tree costs a lot of money.

Even a rental charge may be much more of a financial commitment, especially if you’re not used to working with power equipment. A palm tree can be felled without the use of a chainsaw. 

How to cut down a palm tree
How to cut down a palm tree

Trying to cut down such narrow-trunked trees with a manual saw is equally effective. The tools and the task, on the other hand, are similarly hazardous.

If you’re unclear if you can finish the work properly, consider the precautionary procedures and consult a professional.

Before you start cutting

Decide on which way you want the palm tree to be uprooted. Any barriers or risks, such as buildings, attractive plants, in the intended path, and crowded areas should be avoided.

Whereas if a palm tree is slanting in one direction, it will likely fall in that direction.

Cut down a palm tree without a chainsaw

On the side of the palm tree trunk, specifying the angle at which you would like it to descend, make a horizontal incision one-third of the way through the box.

Below the incision, make a diagonal cut. Three inches underneath the initial cut, perform the second attempt. With a 30-degree angle, cut upward to reach the original cut’s base and extract a chunk of the tree stem.

Make sure the space is clear.  Everyone on the property should be warned to remain well clear of the way. No human or animal should stand on the tree’s fall side. 

Also, no one should stand on the side of the fall directly opposite the fall. The branch may oppose the origin and rely upon the felling cut. The horizontal falling cut was seen. 

Begin the cut almost an inch above the pivot of the notch on the other side of the tree. Cut the trunk all the way through until it starts to fall toward the aperture. 

Quickly Step back first from the tree and publicize that it is dropping.  Stay towards the either side of the falling tree’s direction of fall.

Cutting with a chainsaw

Observe the palm tree and notice which way it is leaning. The optimum direction for the tree to collapse is the position in which it is bending. 

However, this may not always be the optimal direction for your specific situation. Assure you don’t forget about electricity lines. 

Ensure that no one else is in the debris field while the cutting occurs. 

Mostly on the side of the tree towards the direction you want it to fall, cut a 70-degree open-face notch with your chainsaw. 

2 feet off the ground, or around chest high, place a cut. With the chainsaw, cut into the backside of the palm tree until you hear a lot of internal cracking. 

You won’t be able to chop through the tree. Back away from the tree when you hear cracking, utilize your exit route, and let the tree trunk’s weight do the required task.


Cutting a palm tree with a chainsaw doesn’t need a high level of expertise. However, to ensure that you do not destroy anything surrounding the tree, you must prepare beforehand.

Despite their lack of limbs, Palm trees grow tall, necessitating ample space for the tree to collapse. 

Also, you should be aware of chainsaw safety because you’re using a chainsaw. Allow the branches to fall to the ground. If you can’t trim the fronds, you may cut the tree down.

The direction in which the tree falls will be affected by the wind, especially if there are still fronds on the tree.

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