Best outdoor garbage can storage

Best outdoor garbage can storage. Whether it’s your home or office, you want to make sure that the overall look contributes to both comfort and tranquility.

When it comes to trash cans, you have multiple options on how you can hide them whether it’s a large utility bin for garbage collection needs or smaller receptacles for recycling purposes.

While garden planters and decorative bins are fantastic ways of concealing waste bins because they help keep the storage space looking beautiful with greenery and flowers, be sure to take advantage of the so-called “landscape cloth” material that is used most often by professional turf companies in landscaping applications.

This innovative product works especially well with storing garbage cans at a commercial location because it completely eliminates the appearance of garage or yard debris while having additional benefits such as acting as an insulator due to its low-emissivity surface, decreasing temperatures while preventing UV damage!

7 Best outdoor garbage can storage

1. Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Outdoor Storage sheds

There are several things that bode well for this model of outdoor storage shed, including its easy assembly and economical pricing.

However, it is a smaller model than its Suncast competitor, with 32 cubic feet of total storage capacity compared to the 70 cubic feet available with the Stow-Away.

Although this is a shed and not a house, it could certainly be used as such given its spacious design.

You’d only need to figure out how to turn the trash can into an outdoor garbage enclosure can and then you’d have yourself one amazing outdoor garbage storage system that would allow you to easily store your lawn equipment or garden supplies.

This can storage shed is designed with double-wall technology to protect against the elements. While many heavy-duty plastic sheds can weather-resistant materials like UV rays or withstand kicking winds, they fall short in one very important area durability. Simple to assemble.

This storage unit is large enough to store small gardening tools and patio supplies. Securing your outdoor essentials will allow you to use them more often.

This has been made with a revolutionary resin that prevents warping from sunlight and cracking from rain and high humidity, ensuring your shed will last for a long time.

Enjoy the freedom of creative expression with the latest range of garden sheds from Rubbermaid. This model comes in a hinged roof design for added convenience, as well as effortless customization features that allow you to add an extra adjustable shelf that’s useful for storing equipment.

2. Keter Store-It-Out Resin Horizontal Storage Shed

The Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Storage Shed positively blazes trails in the garbage storage shed industry.

It provides a huge number of features while remaining very affordable, so you can stuff things into it without breaking the bank. Its Large Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed.

Another outstanding feature of this storage shed is that it has built-in shelf support. Their clever design feature allows you to easily partition the space and organize your lawn or gardening equipment.

The shed can be used to store a push lawn mower, yard tools, garden tools, outdoor toys, and cushions for patio furniture.

In addition to being made of polypropylene resin and steel reinforcement, this water-resistant and durable shed will shield your trash bins for many years.

For example, you could stack trash cans on the left and keep leaf blowers on the right, or you could use shelves for lawn tools on one end and then keep your garden hoses neatly nestled in corrugated plastic garbage bins or other trash containers on the other.

When it comes to a garbage can, this one is rather spacious. It’s necessary for large families or big gatherings as you can fit two 32-gallon cans inside it. This way, you won’t need to waste time emptying the trash at a later point in the day.

The unit itself is pretty tough, so it can take most kinds of weather without issue thanks to its high quality plastic construction.

If you do end up needing to clean it, your best bet would be to do so with mild detergent and water before drying with a cloth immediately afterward. Best outdoor garbage can storage.

3. Keter 231478 Large Outdoor Trash Cans

This wooden Pacific trash bin has an espresso brown design, so it’ll blend in nicely with other outdoor patio or garden designs.

Make this trash bin a unique addition to your nice outdoor furniture or decorative accent pieces.

These Keter 30 Gallon waste baskets come with a bin liner that makes it easier to dispose of the trash without leaving behind a trace of mess.

The plastic liner is sturdy and durable while it’s metal hinged lid provides an access opening. It is perfect for garden tools

It’s attractive, sleek, and contemporary design is easy to the eyes. It assembles quickly and you won’t experience any trouble cleaning it.

This wooden shed trash can requires virtually no maintenance! By securing your outdoor essentials, you can make more use of them.

With the inclusion of the rim on this trash can, you’ll never have to worry about locking those bags in again.

The rim is sturdy enough that it will hold onto your garbage bags for the entirety of their lives thus making it impossible for them to become a nuisance and messy when it’s time to dispose of them.

The rattan look of this wastebasket makes this product trash cans like no other. The basket’s sleek espresso finish gives it a classic and professional appearance that’s bound to fit in well with any style of home decor or office environment.

4. Suncast BMOC4100 97 Gallon Resin Extra Storage Cabinet

Here’s a simple yet stylish resin trash can enclosure that will never go out of style. From its faux woven panels to the false wood paneling on its bottom, this “new garbage bin” will give your home both vintage and country-style flair.

With two wide double doors with Solid wood construction Materials and a hinged lid, you can move and store oversized items easily.

Now you can easily place this bin in both your front yard and back yard and it will compliment your home nicely with its dark neutral tone.

This is certainly better than a black can as well as a shiny metal or plastic container for disposing of trash or waste products in general.

The Suncast® 97 Gallon Resin Extra Large Deck Storage Cabinet measures 42.25” x 23” x 35.25” for versatile storage solutions that won’t take up too much space in your garage or shed.

There is a Suncast horizontal shed that will fit the needs of almost any homeowner. It is common for outdoor sheds to be made with weak and flimsy materials, but they are not made with Suncast.

Suncast shares your appreciation for enhancing your indoor and outdoor living spaces with quality products that are stylishly designed, such as this resin collection which is A+ Energy Star certified and was built to last.

The storage units are easy to assemble and large enough to store small gardening tools.

This resin storage chest from Suncast features a decorative wicker design to provide efficient storage for all of your patio cushions. This patio chest is designed with 2 doors with locks that allow for easy access to all of your tools and accessories.

5. Suncast 5′ x 3′ Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed

The most popular design when it comes to garbage sheds, this design is subtle and chic. Since the focus is on ergonomics and usability, simple resin paneling can be found just about anywhere.

This tough little shed sports locking mechanisms that are easy to operate while still maintaining security – an important feature in lockable trash sheds like this one!

This storage shed is so big that it can accommodate two trash cans of up to 96 gallons each, as well as many other things.

And even with all this capacity, there’s room left over for your garden tractor, too! This is ideal for garden tools. The reinforced floor is designed to withstand the abuse, supporting heavy equipment like a lawnmower

Because of the double-wall resin panels utilized in the manufacturing of this unit, you can be sure that it will be strong and long-lasting.

The panels are weather-resistant and provide UV protection, helping to ensure the durability of your new purchase. Lockable door system includes a three-door locking system and padlock hasp to provide superior security

Suncast is one of the most popular brands when it comes to outdoor storage sheds. It’s not surprising that they offer several models in my top picks as they have a wide selection at different prices. It is a typical outdoor shed structure.

One of the best outdoor storage buildings, the BMS4700 Stow-Away Storage Sheds, is more expensive than other options but it also features unique features and benefits that are not part of lower-priced models.

6. Good Ideas SV-COL-BLK Savannah Storage Column

A Savannah Column Waste and Storage bin is a great option if you’ve been looking for a better way to hide your trash and make sure it’s out of sight.

When you take into account its qualitative advantages, it becomes clear that this enclosure is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so.

Modern garbage cans have an ugly, utilitarian design and can ruin the look of your yard in no time.

Hiding waste indoors isn’t always an option either since some things have specific storage requirements the average homeowner might not be aware of.

Savannah Column is a unique styled and geometrically shaped heavy-duty, lightweight column that can be used to display flower pots or plants in your backyard, patio, or deck.

Made of UV resistant, Polyethylene material the Savannah Column will never rot or rust and can hold up to 15 pounds.

Not only a decorative item these columns are made to withstand the elements so they will not tip in high winds or during bad weather conditions making them an ideal solution for your outdoor space no matter where you live.

Storage Ideas: This simple storage device will hold your yard tools and pool toys for you, but it won’t blow away. It’s a tall, attractive-looking thing that will conveniently store up to 30 gallons of the stuff and can easily be fitted with a standard 32-gallon garbage bag.

Made in the USA, these decorative storage solutions are available in several colors and finishes so you should have no trouble matching them to your home or yard decor.

7. Fantasy Paradise 3’X3’ Metal Trash Can

An adorable little metal shed, sturdy construction, ease of assembly, that acts as a garbage can has the form factor of a typical shed with its sloped roof and is able to accommodate any kind of wide-mouthed trash bin perfectly.

This particular model is made with galvanized iron, it has corrugations which give it some dimension, like most outdoor sheds.

Painted blue, it’s an attractive color that will complement other decorations/ furniture pieces in your yard.

With 0.25/0.3mm thick, high-quality hot-dipped galvanized steel panels, this trash bin storage shed offers longevity and stability.

Zinc finish coatings protect the surfaces of the storage sheds from rusting while stainless steel hinges create a modern aesthetic at an affordable price point in order to help you achieve your dreams any way they please!

This trash enclosure shed is designed with a cover on the top and in front that can flip open to provide you easy access.

You’ll be able to access items inside of it very quickly and efficiently. The security lock can also be locked so no one will be able to access the inside – keeping your things safe!

When it comes to keeping your garbage secure, have no fear – we’ve got you covered! The steel panels on our garbage sheds are designed to be impenetrable and the flip cover will not only keep debris out of your trashcan but also animals from making a mess. Best outdoor garbage can storage.


Can you leave garbage cans outside?

Putting any kind of garbage outdoors can attract pests. Whether or not your trashcan is surrounded by an alcove, pests will come if the stench is particularly pungent and they will break into the garbage to find sustenance.

These pests include a variety of animals like mice and cockroaches but larger animals that have been known to enter garbage cans to get food include raccoons, bears, and even dogs.

Should you keep garbage cans in the garage?

Some people keep their garbage cans in the garage to prevent animals and pests from disturbing them while they take things out of the cans into their homes.

But once the sun comes out, insects sometimes find a way inside the garage and can sometimes smell your garbage. Strong double-wall construction is not easy to follow Room for two to three trash cans.

Why should outdoor trash bins be covered?

Where this is a concern, choose trash bins that have a covering system. Keeping a lockable lid on light trash such as scrap paper or labels can also help it from blowing out of the garbage bins due to the passing of vehicles or equipment that stirs up a little wind.

What is a standard-size outdoor garbage can?

When it comes to outdoor garbage cans, typically in the United States they come in two main sizes: 30-35 gallons and 80-90 gallons.

Does a plastic storage shed need a foundation?

You must put down some kind of foundation to build your shed on. Without a foundation you will erode your solid substrate and sink into it, leaving no place for the floor in that section to stay level for long with its temporary support.

What can I put in my recycle bins?

Some of the items from your recycling bins must stay out of it. These are hazardous items or materials that can harm others.

Some examples include food scraps, some liquids and hazardous containers with odor or residue, light bulbs (broken or whole), smoke detectors, ashes, and batteries.

Are plastic or metal sheds trash cans better?

Metal garbage cans are stronger and most durable sheds than plastic garbage cans. However, they are often heavier and have fewer shape options.

Metal garbage cans are generally cylindrical in shape with a lid that presses in to place.It comes in many different sizes as well as textures – so you can choose the one most suited for your needs.

How to Hide Outside Garbage Cans?


Best outdoor garbage can storage. The main goal of this post was to provide some helpful information about garage can storage, so we hope that you were able to find some value from our suggestions.

We hope that you can use these tips to help you make the most out of your landscaping. If you have any other questions or concerns about garage can storage, please contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this.

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