When to pick apples from tree

When to pick apples from tree. Apple is a fruit produced by various species of apple trees. They are cultivated worldwide and possess numerous benefits.

When to pick apples from tree
When to pick apples from tree

If you are searching for when to pick the apple, pick them after their physiological matureness.

If you want to store the apples, pluck those two to three weeks before full ripening.

Plant Description

  • Scientific name-Malus pumila/ domestica
  • Kingdom-Plantae – Plants
  • Division-Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
  • Class-Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
  • Order-Rosales
  • Family- Rosaceae – Rose family
  • Genus-Malus P. Mill – apple
  • Life Cycle- Perennial plant 
  • Nativity-Introduced
  • Height- 25 feet in height with a crown spread of 25 feet
  • FlowersShowy, white blossoms
  • Leaves simple, oval
  • Size of leaves- 5 inches long and 1.5 – 2.5 inches wide
  • Fruit- matures through the summer 
  • Ripening season-The fruit ripe in the fall.
  • Colors-Ripe apples occur in various colors, from green, yellow, red, or a mixture of these colors.
  • Seeds– Small, oval brownish seeds at the middle of the fruit

When to Plant Apple Seeds

  • Apples are grown by planting seeds in the fall and winter.
  • They are sown in January and February
  • The apple plant needs a cold environment.
  • The fall/winter is better for its sowing.
  • Before sowing, maintain a well fertile and draining soil. 
  • Dig a 60 cm hole two weeks before planting the seeds. 
  • Add better quality loamy soil and organic compost.

Requirements Required For Planting Apple Seeds

  • Required Hardiness Zones-3 to 9
  • It Requires full sun. 
  • Avoid growing in shady areas
  • Well-drained loamy soil 
  • Require sandy soil or clay soil
  • Require neutral soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0
  • Prevent the tree from prevailing wind or breeze

Planting Apple Seeds

Planting Apple Seeds

First, you need to cause the germination process in the pots or containers.

Once the plant is ready, transfer it to the soil.

  • Refrigeration Phase
  • Germination Phase 
  • Growing Phase


  • Select the location for planting.
  • Dig a 1.2m (4 foot) Hole using the desired gadget.
  • Plant it in an area where the plant doesn’t need to compete for nutrients and water for establishment. 
  • Maintain proper spacing while pacing the apple tree.
  • Dwarf trees should be far about 1.2-2.4m (4 -8 feet) apart.
  • Semi-dwarf trees should be spaced 2.4-4.8m (8-16 feet) apart.
  • Standard trees need an adequate spacing of 4.2-5.5m (14-18 feet).

Signs of Ripened Apples

  • Juicy, not starchy and tangy
  • Low acidity and starch content 
  • Peel/skin color changes
  • Stem separates easily from the branch
  • Firm and crisp apples 
  • Flesh turns to creamy or white color instead of light green
  • Seeds turn white from brown.

Picking Apples from Tree

Harvesting Period

  • The Dwarf cultivars produce fruits in one to three years of planting.
  • The Standard cultivars begin fruiting from five to ten years after planting.
  • Pluck the Apples from midsummer till late fall.
  • The fruit takes 100 to 200 days to get ripe after the fruit set. It may depend on the variety of the apple tree.

Pick the Apples when they are physiologically mature. If you want to store the apples, pluck those two to three weeks before full ripening.

Favorable Season and Month

  • The apples are harvested in September. It is the best time of year to pick apples from trees.
  • Picking apples depends on the variety of apple trees.
  • Different varieties show various maturation periods.
  • The season for picking apples occurs in the early fall.


  • Gala and McIntosh are the earliest varieties that need to be picked from late August to mid-September.
  • Granny Smith and Fuji are mid-season varieties, ready for picking in late September to early October.
  • Cripps Pink and Fuji are the late varieties that ripen from late October to November. 


 It is the best time of year to pick apples from trees. Different varieties show different maturation periods. 

The season for picking apples comes in the early fall.

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