What is so special about joshua tree

What is so special about joshua tree. The iconic Joshua tree is the most repulsive in the vegetable kingdom. It has a unique appearance with fascinating facts that attract many visitors.

What is so special about joshua tree
What is so special about joshua tree

It also possesses an artistic inspiration that kept the world astonished.

Let’s discuss the fascinating features of the Joshua tree.

The Joshua tree is Not a Tree

The first thing you should know about the Joshua tree is, that it’s not a tree. It’s native to the California desert and seems like grass with lovely flowers.

  • Other local names– Yucca palm, Tree yucca, and Palm tree yucca
  • Scientific name– Yucca brevifolia.
  • Family- Liliaceae
  • Subfamily-Agave family

The shape of the Joshua tree

The Joshua tree has a unique shape. It comprises of 

  • top-heavy branch system
  • single stem with dense crowned branches.

If you observe the branchless tree, that means the plant has not bloomed.

Types of Joshua Trees

The Joshua tree is of two types.

  • Western Joshua Tree

The botanists classified the western Joshua as the “classic” Yucca brevifolia.

  • Eastern Joshua Trees

The botanists classified the eastern ones as the “Yucca jaegeriana.”

Got Fame through a Band

  • The Early Settlers thought that the Joshua trees Were Ugly.
  • The Joshua tree got Famous by a U2 Rock Band.
  • In 1987 they released U2’s landmark Joshua tree album.
  • It sparked a large wave of global interest in the Joshua tree plant.
  • The band made the tree in the limelight of global interest. That influenced many people, and in this way, the plant got fame all over the globe.

Grown At Single Place across the Globe

The Joshua tree has a unique fact that it only grows in one place across the globe.

Southwestern United States

  • Arizona
  • Southern California
  • Nevada 
  • Utah

 Northwestern Mexico

  • Mojave Desert
  • The prime spot of Joshua trees lies in the Mojave Desert.
  • If you observe a Joshua tree, you might be standing in the Mojave Desert.
  • In history, around 250000 years ago, it wasn’t that limited. It was found from Death Valley in California to the Colorado River delta in Mexico.

Location of Joshua trees

Location of Joshua trees

  • They are found Only at Certain Altitudes. You might locate Joshua trees at an elevation of about 400 to 1800m (1300-5900 ft.).
  • They usually prefer higher altitudes with a cold environment.

Other locations include

  • Slopes
  • Ridges
  • flat-topped hills of the desert

Joshua Tree Existing’s

Till now, this tree has completed 2.5 billion years.

Life Range of a Joshua tree

The oldest Joshua trees had a maximum Live of about 1000 Years.

Average Life of Joshua Trees

  • The tree may live for 100, 200, or even 500 years.
  • The 
  • an interesting fact is that the plant does not produce annual growth rings.
  • The age of the Joshua trees is by the height, not the annual rings. 
  • The tree is still un-mature when it reaches 50 years. Isn’t that interesting?

Growth Rate of the Plant

Average rate 

  • ½ to 3 inches per year

 Growth in first few years

  • 3 inches per year 
  • The growth slows down after maturation.

Growth rate after five years

  • 1.5 inches per year 

That’s why it takes 50-60 years to gain full height. 

Joshua Tree Reproduction

It reproduces by two methods

  • Normal pollination
  • Cloning itself

Height of Joshua tree

The tallest Joshua tree has 

  • Height-15m (49 ft.) 
  • Diameter-30-100cm (1-3 ft.) in diameter.

Blooming Season

  • Joshua blooms between February and April.
  • You are among the lucky ones if you found Joshua’s tree during the blooming season.


Joshua tree is one of the fascinating trees you will come across. It has many interesting facts, and we hope that this tree may last for more decades.

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