What flower represents hope

What flower represents hope. Different flowers are given names and symbols depending upon unique qualities or past stories related to them.

What flower represents hope
What flower represents hope

We are here with the symbol of hope. We will discuss the blooms that are used to express your wishes for hope and love for your loved ones.

You can give it to your loved ones to show how much you care for them. To give them hope to encourage them.

Let’s get to know which flower is symbolized for hope.


The word Eranthis is made of two words er, which means spring, and anthos means flower. 


  • Eranthis is known to be a sign of hope, a new beginning, and rebirth.
  • The Eranthis leaves refer to genus aconitum, that’s why it is called winter aconite.
  • You can observe this plant as an early spring bloom indicating hope for a new beginning.
  • Tuberous perennial plant 


  • Native to Asia 
  • Southern Europe. 

Season-striking winter flowers

Shape-cup-shaped flowers


  • White 
  • Yellow


  • Easy to grow 
  • Withstand frost and snow.

Forget Me Not

Another name

  • Myosotis

Flowers-tiny flowers 

Color– blue with pink and white hues.

  • The word myosotis is derived from a Greek word meaning mouse’s ear.
  • The leaves of the myosotis have similarities with a mouse’s ear. 

Common name- Forget Me Not 

Reason for Symbolizing Hope

  • It is said that, during medieval times, he was with his wife. 
  • As both were walking by a seashore. Suddenly he saw these flowers.
  • He tried to pick them up but due to his strong armor, he fell into the sea. 
  • He was swept away by the sea currents. At that time he just tossed up the flowers to his wife by saying:  “Forget me not!”
  • That’s why this flower is symbolized as hope, remembrance, and underlying of your loved ones.




Flower– colorful flowers.

Family-nightshade family. 

  • The word petunia is derived from petum which means, worthless tobacco plant.
  • The name was given in the 16th Century by a group of Spanish explorers.
  • Petunia shows similarity with tobacco plants but has no such properties.
  • They are symbolized for good concepts including hope, love, and respect. 

Prickly Pear

Common name– Opuntia

Family-cactus family. 

Symbolized for hope and life because it can bear severe harsh conditions.


  • Contain cladodes for storing water
  • The spines on the plant protect it against predators.
  • Flowers- cup-shaped yellow flowers 
  • Opuntia is derived from the Greek word opus that means ancient Greek city.


Centaurea belongs to a  genus that possesses hairy stems with lanced-shaped leaves.

They possess flowers like the cornflower.

  • The name Centaurea is derived from the Greek word kentauros that means centaur. 
  • Centaurea is symbolized for hope, devotion, love, anticipation, and fertility. 
  • It also refers to prosperity, good fortune, and wealth.


Common name-Red chrysanthemums 

  • In the UK it is symbolized for hope, rest, love, and friendship.
  • In Italy, it is a symbol of death.


Iris xiphium


  • Hope
  • Love 
  • Care 
  • happiness
  • cherished friendship 

In China, it is symbolized as the “Purple Butterfly”.

  • blue color indicates power and royalty 
  • purple represents wisdom
  • yellow stands for passion
  • white for purity



Snowdrop biological name– Galanthus nivalis


  • Hope for people in need


Anemones biological name– Coronaria 


  • Hope 
  • End of cold
  • Dark days 
  • The return of the sun

Other plants that symbolizes hope include

  • Gladiolus
  • Amaryllis
  • Bachelor’s button


Flowers are given various symbols including hope, love, strength, and new beginnings. We have discussed the ones that are symbolized hope.

You can give it to your loved ones to show how much you care for them. To give them hope to encourage them.

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