Flower seeds that grow fast

Flower seeds that grow fast. Flowers not only nourish the body, but they also nourish the spirit — and the numerous helpful insects that eat on them.

Starting with short germination times, fast, unconstrained growth is a virtue. The ten flowers described here are easy to germinate, develop, and bloom, and most will self-seed with a bit of help.

Flower seeds that grow fast
Flower seeds that grow fast

According to most flower seed packs, most perennial flowers take around 95 days to mature from seed to blossom. When cultivated in the springtime, they can withstand light cold.

Start seeds indoors under lights in late January to get a head start on the season and use cloches to help the plants acclimate to outdoor conditions.

Fast-growing flower seeds

Once it comes to keeping flowers indoors, certain plants are more straightforward to care for than others since they require less attention and grow more quickly.

These flower seeds grow fast and are readily available in the market.


Bees adore the flowers that bloom on the straight stalks of cornflowers in early June, and this plant is unaffected by the unpredictable spring weather. 


These tenacious plants grow progressively in chilly spring weather and flourish in midsummer.


With broader leaves than many other varieties, these fast-growing blooms fill in rapidly and can even be used as a flowery cover crop.


Nasturtiums are commonly used to prevent pests when interplanted with cucumbers or tomatoes. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are high in vitamin C and other minerals.

Petunias: Pest-resistant and intuitive, petunias come in a rainbow of colors, but their smell alone makes them a delightful plant to have.



California poppies are the quickest to blossom in the spring, taking only 60 days from seed to bloom.


Sunflower seedlings are astonishingly cold-hardy, and the first blossoms can be seen marching to maturity instead of waiting until late summer.


Marigolds bloom in as little as eight weeks after seeding. Plant them in whole light and quite well soil for the most significant results.


Zinnia is one of the quickest-growing annuals when grown from seed. In 7 to 10 days, the seeds germinate, and in 60 to 70 days, they begin to bloom.


Cosmos are easy-to-grow annuals with various hues such as pink, crimson, orange, lemon, burgundy, and white. In 5–7 days, the seeds will germinate, and in around seven weeks, they will begin to bloom.

Factors affecting growth

  • A flower’s rate of growth is determined by its demands, in addition to its genetic inheritance. Seed planting depth and other germination problems, including light, humidity, and moisture, are among these factors at first.
  • When a seed is planted improperly, it might stifle or stop growth. Some seeds require sunshine to sprout and must be grown directly on top of their growth media, whether in the yard or on seed flats’ interior.
  • Various flowers require different amounts of time to mature before being transplanted outside from seeds sown indoors.


Growing these extremely quickly flower seeds in your garden, pots, and containers is a terrific way to add color and a mass of lovely blooms to your space.

The majority of these seeds germinate in less than a week and blossom in two months or less. 

These flower seeds are also excellent for use in the classroom or at home to teach children about gardening. During the off-season, it is simple to cultivate flowers inside.

Plants may bloom with beautiful, fragrance blooms with just a combination of the correct plants, the ideal lighting and weather conditions, and plenty of food and water.

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