How long does it take for avocado seed to sprout

How long does it take for avocado seed to sprout. Getting an avocado seed grown into a full tree requires a lot of patience as it takes several weeks to help it grow like a big plant. You have to ensure the safety of the seed.

The period taken by the kernel to sprout may vary from region to region because of the variety of conditions in the surroundings. Make sure that you have enough patience to wait for the sprouting of that seed entirely. 

How long does it take for avocado seed to sprout
How long does it take for avocado seed to sprout

If you do not proceed with patience, the seed will get harmed. You do not need to arrange anything extra despite having a seed you already have.

Instead of wasting the seed, you can get an entire tree from it by burying it in a pit.

The same article contains reliable information to aid you in growing the plant from the seed without any complexities. Make sure that you read it thoroughly. 


You need to pay heed to some steps for the better growth of the plant from the seed you have in your pit. The steps are as follows, 

  • Getting the seed ready. 
  • Examining the top and bottom sides. 
  • Planting the seed into the pit. 

Make sure that you gather the information from every section mentioned in the article. 

Getting the seed ready

After arranging the avocado seed, you need to get it ready for the burial. Make sure that you perform every step mentioned in the same section.

The preparation of the seed in the right direction will make it a lot easier for you to get a healthy outcome from the seed. Grab and knife and cut the fruit into two pieces very carefully. 

Make sure that you do not harm the seed present inside and get it removed from the fruit. Clean the greenish material surrounding the seed with the help of a knife or a fine cloth.

You have to ensure the smooth rubbing of the seed while cleaning the flesh surrounding it from all the sides. Get it done with soft hands, and do not strengthen the grip too much. Take care of your hands while moving the knife back and forth. 

Examining the top and bottom sides

You will closely examine the sides of the seed after getting it cleaned smoothly. The seed contains top and bottom sides. The side has a little higher level from the rest of the surface indicates that the stem will rise from here. Contrary to it, the roots will increase from the bottom of the seed. 

The placement of the seed inside the fruit is in such a way that it provides you clear information about the indication of top and bottom sides.

The area closer to the stem will indicate the top side whereas, the site towards the end of the fruit will give you a clear clue of the bottom side. 

Planting the seed into the pit

Planting the seed into the pit

You will plant the seed finally into the pit after taking care of the moisture level in the seed. For providing the seed with enough moisture, you will need to have some toothpicks and a bowl of water.

Place the grain on the bowl with the help of sticks to suck the required amount of water. 

Once you plant the seed into the pit, you will notice the upbringing of the stem from the seed.

Cut the stem and make it a little shorter than the actual length, as it will enhance the growth of the plant. Make sure that you are patient in every step.

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