How many okra seeds per hole

How many okra seeds per hole. It’s a perennial plant that is often planted as an annual plant in temperate zones.

How many okra seeds per hole
How many okra seeds per hole


  • Biological/ Scientific name– Abelmoschus esculentus 
  • Other local names-okra pods, ochre, lady’s fingers, gumbo, okro, kopi Arab, and bhindi. 
  • Family- Malvaceae
  • Favorable zones– zones 6 – 11 (zone 5 requires intense care).
  • Length of the plant– 2m (6.6ft.)
  • They are cultivated almost in every warm and temperate region.
  • Flowers-white to yellow petals
  • Leaves –long and broad/ contain five-seven palmate lobes
  • Fruit– The plant bears green pods with white seeds. The pods are 18cm in length. They possess an inside pentagon comprising numerous okra seeds.

Growing Okra from Seeds

Number of Seeds per Hole

To grow okra from okra seeds, you have to take 2 to 3 okra seeds and pour them into a 1/4 inch deep hole.

No. Seeds per hole- 3 seeds per hole.

After the maturation of the okra plant, they will start producing okra for 10 to 12 weeks.

Location for Planting

To gain healthy growing okra, place the germinated plant in full sun. They need full sunlight to show their maximum growth and production.

Time Required Under Sun

6 – 8 hours of sun daily

The reason is that the plant needs excess sunlight to convert the energy to produce healthy okra pods (food).


  • They grow well in the south and arid climates. 
  • Shade hating plants 
  • The shade usually affects their growth process. 

Procedure for Growing Okra

Procedure for Growing Okra

Let’s start planting okra seeds.

  • First, clarify, either go directly to sow the seeds in the pots or container?
  • Or you first sow it in small trays and then transfer that to the final location.
  • After selecting, let’s start to plant the okra seeds.
  • Take some okra seeds and Soak them in a glass of water.
  • The soaking must be left overnight.
  • The soaking increases the time required for the germination process.
  • By the soaking method, they will germinate at a quick rate.
  • After that, go for the prime part.
  • The prime part includes pouring of seeds in the whole.
  • Take three seeds and place them in each ¾ deep hole.
  • After adding the seeds, cover the upper soil and wait for its germination.
  • When the plant germinates, you need to cut the weakest starting two plantings.
  • Cut them by snipping them off with the use of garden scissors.
  • Avoid damaging the whole plant.
  • Wait for a couple of days.
  • If you opt for the tray method, you need to transfer it to the final position.
  • If you opt for the direct soil method, there is no need to touch the plants.
  • Maintain a spacing of 8″ between the okra plants.
  • Provide the plant with proper sunlight and water. 

Okra Plant Pests/Diseases

  • Aphides 
  • Corn worms
  • Stinkbugs
  • Fusarium wilt

Okra Varieties

You may find various varieties of okra.

They are usually available in green, red, purple varieties. 

Here are some of the common varieties of okra plant you need to consider;

  • Clemson’s Spineless
  • Crimson Spineless 80
  • Go Big
  • Cajun Delight
  • Emerald
  • Blondy
  • Burgundy
  • Cow Horn

Recommended Varieties of Okra Plant to Be Grown

  • Annie Oakley II
  • Park’s Candelabra Branching
  • Cajun Delight
  • Louisiana Green Velvet


  • Don’t add the okra seeds in the same spot each year.
  • Rotate the crop to minimize the insects.
  • Replace the potting soil after each production.
  • Add fertile soil each year for better plant growth.


If you opt for planting okra from seeds, the number of okra seeds per hole required will be 2-3 per hole. Okra is also known as a lady’s finger because of its long pod shape.

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