Can I mow wet grass

Can I mow wet grass. During the constant string of wet days, lawn providers have battled to meet their mowing schedules, while many homeowners have been anxiously waiting for a sunny day to start their mowers.

Can I mow wet grass
Can I mow wet grass

In the meanwhile, the grass has grown tall and has remained damp. Because wet grass cuts less neatly, the clippings are more significant.

Wet clippings tend to cluster together and clog the mower’s surface.

Mowing damp lawns raise the risk of ruts because the soil is lenient and greasier for mowers, and the grassroots can be pulled out more readily by the mower tires.

Why not mow wet grass

  • The primary reason for avoiding cutting wet grass is that if a disease is present in the lawn, which is more likely when the grass is wet often due to heavy rains, the mower will spread the sickness throughout the yard.
  • The fungus appears in your yard as brown spots. Fungicides are effective, although dry weather is ideal.
  • When the grass is damp, mowers don’t cut smoothly, even with a sharp blade. Wet clippings might clog your mower, requiring it to be cleaned out regularly, which is unsafe.
  • When the soil is oversaturated with rain, it can become soggy. While you mow your lawn when the grass is wet, you risk creating unattractive wheel ruts and ripping up the grass.

Best way to mow damp grass

Best way to mow damp grass

One should not mow wet grass, but if it is a must, then do as follow:

  • The importance of sharp blades cannot be overstated. 
  • Elevate mower decks to a height of 3.5 inches above the ground, and sharpen blades after each mowing day. 
  • Then mow the entire stripe, not just half of it. 
  • To lessen the amount of grass cut in a single pass, half stripe mowing overlaps the previously mowed stripe by 50%. 
  • It’s bound to preserve mowers from being clogged or strangled with damp grass clippings while mowing wet grass. 
  • To feed the turf, it’s better to keep the clippings in situ. 
  • Unfortunately, while mowing wet yards, there is no way to eliminate wheel ruts. 
  • When the ground is exceptionally moist, wheel ruts form. 
  • If the ground is wet, you get a sinking feeling underfoot, or if there are visible puddles, park the mower in the garage.

Why let the grass dry?

It’s preferable to let the grass get completely dry afore mowing it. Keep in mind that just a third or fewer grass blades should be clipped when cutting grass. It’s fine to mow wet grass if it remains wet for an extended length of time and continues to grow. 

This will prevent the grass from growing too tall and going to seed. The amount of saturation determines the optimal time to mow wet grass. In speaking, reduced saturation is preferable.

You may need to wait for 2 to 5 hours for the grass to dry after dealing with slight morning dewdrops or light rain showers before mowing. It would be best if you waited at least one day after a heavy downpour to cut safely.


Many homeowners had pondered this subject after a light rain ruined their weekend yard work plans or when they awakened to soggy grass due to heavy dew.

Cutting your grass when it’s damp isn’t a brilliant idea. There are many reasons why you should wait until the lawn is dried before turning on the lawnmower, among which are explained in this article. 

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