Best parts washer solvent

Best parts washer solvent. Whether you are an everyday car user or someone who only makes use of a car from time to time, it’s easy to forget how important routine maintenance can be for your car.

Routine maintenance for automobiles refers to the list of things that need to get done regularly (i.e. at certain intervals) in order to ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible without having to spend too much money on repairs, etc. Just like humans, cars need cleaning too.

Cleaning equipment such as parts washer is used to remove debris such as grease, grime, oil, metal surface, dirt, cutting fluids, ink, paint, mold release agents, and corrosion from any working part.

Manufacturers and remanufacturers use these. Small and large parts washers are used to clean, degrease, and dry bulk parts as part of preparation for assembly, inspection, surface treatment, packaging, and distribution.

Your parts washer solvents will help keep your automobile and other mechanical components nice and clean.

These products are a must-have if you want the easiest and most reliable way to clean all those pieces safely so they last longer than you might expect, especially considering how oil and grease can gunk up your auto parts over time.

6 Best parts washer solvent

1. B’laster Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent ReviewsBest parts washer solvent

Blaster 128-PWS is best parts washer solvent in this article. B’laster is a revolutionary new product that’s developed to help all kinds of people, especially mechanics, simplify the way they clean their engines.

It works really well for vehicles with mechanical parts and does a terrific cleaning job of removing dirt, grime, and oil so you don’t have to sacrifice time or energy.

In the market, B’laster solvent introduce himself as an industrial-strength parts washer. This industrial-strength parts washer solvent is a petroleum based solvent which clean every thing in a seconds.

This parts washer solvent needs is water to get rid of all your nasty grease so you won’t have to deal with it any longer.

This solvent was developed by Blaster to outperform ordinary mineral spirit-based solvents, which do not clean effectively, and leave films behind.

It leaves little residue behind, making it one of the best parts washer solvents for cleaning corroded parts before painting. This cleaner is safe for cleaning all metals, motor oils but also for cleaning most plastics and painted surfaces without removing the paint.

This is an exception solvent on this list as it should not be used with water or any other materials being cleaned, doing so will induce a chemical reaction and should result in cleanup becoming much more time consuming than initially expected.

Also, do not mix this solvent with other materials unless you intend to use the mixture for a purpose other than general cleaning even then it might be dangerous if done so improperly.

Finally, use caution when using this material due to harmful chemicals and flammable solvents property as well.

2. CRC 05067 Parts Washer SolventCRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent

CRC parts washer solvents are used to clean machinery and parts after removal from the production process.

05067 is one such product a cleaner-degreaser that removes cutting oil and grease from metal parts, plastics and everything else you can think of.

One of the best solvent which is not as corrosive or as harsh as other petroleum solvents found in the marketplace today, which means it doesn’t leave risky residues behind and it won’t corrode some metal surfaces.

For guaranteed clean working areas, free of oil and grease stains, look no further than cleaning agents that can be used to thoroughly clean up the area.

Because it’s intended to be used undiluted by professionals and enthusiasts alike (note: this particular product must be diluted with water to achieve functional consistency), you don’t need to add any more water or mineral spirit when using it.

CRC parts washer solvent designed it to have a flashpoint of 204°F, making it perfect solvent for high-temperature applications;

however, you should still be careful to not overuse this product or else the smell might overwhelm any nearby areas and spread quickly throughout a building.

Although even this depends on the specific area where you happen to be applying petroleum-based solvents and how fresh your air circulation is.

If left open to the atmosphere for a while, most petroleum based solvent are known to evaporate at a slow rate naturally no matter what their initial flash point happens to register.

The CRC parts washer solvents are designed to clean sensitive machine parts such as carburetors and valve assemblies that aren’t much larger than 1 centimeter. This mineral spirit based parts washer solvent can used to wash anything.

If you need a solvent to clean really unclean vehicle components, consider soaking them in CRC 05067 first, then cleaning with a part cleaning brush.

CRC 05067 can also be used to clean weapons in case they get oily or dirty while they’re being stored. The main disadvantage of this solvent is that it leaves behind an oily film with residue.

3. Oil Eater AOD5G35438 Original 5 Gallon CleanerOil Eater AOD5G35438 Original 5 Gallon Cleaner

Oil Eater degreaser parts washer solvent is an excellent product for chemically removing oil stains and grease stains in industrial settings.

It is also excellent as a cleaner of multiple surfaces contaminated by food stains, detergents, and raw materials. This oil eater also leave a fresh yet professional aroma behind.

It can be used in areas including food productions plants, breweries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many more.

Oil Eater parts washer solvent has been tested to be biodegradable and overall very environmentally friendly.

This is an easy-to-use product that leaves no residue on surfaces with a wide variety of cleaning tasks and leaves no oil spills. And oil eater original is also comes in 1 gallon packaging.

Our space odour eliminator has been designed especially for the transportation industry, so you can breathe easy knowing that your precious cargo will be kept safe throughout every stage of its journey.

This product is both USDA approved and non-toxic, making it great for even fragile cargo. This unique solvent’s recipe has been specially engineered to leave behind shiny, unscratched surfaces and maintain impressive drying times.

Whether you manage a small or large enterprise, this product can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining clean vehicles that pleasant smell.

4. Graymills M5005-141 5 Gallons Cleaning Solventbest parts washer solvent for aluminum

This M5005-141 is best parts washer solvent in the market. Its cleaning agent power is unmatched and the performance it provides for metal surfaces, rubber, plastic surfaces and parts is second to none.

It performs effectively on inaccessible surfaces like nose cones of fast moving vehicles. The best thing about this product though is that it’s widely versatile.

it can either be used at room temperature to remove any residue buildup on stationary appliances in your laboratory or factory or heated up (using a heat gun) so as to loosen dirtier residues clogging up less accessible areas such as the underneath of an engine block.

Patent lanolin technology readily leaves a protective covering on machinery to prevent corrosion and assists in the rejuvenation of industrial equipment, leaving the skin healthier and more protected from the elements in one use.

Furthermore, it dries much sooner than other parts washer solvent on the market, and you know it’s time to move once that happens because there’s nothing left onto your machinery but a sparkling shine, leaving you with cleaner machines all around in less time, which also means more revenue for your business.

5. Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser 1 GallonMeguiar's D10801 Super Degreaser - 1 Gallon

The Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser parts washer solvent is a type of non-ionic surfactant that is biodegradable, low foaming, and completely soluble in water.

The compound acts as a cleanser for removing dirty oil stains and tough stains from painted surfaces with ease.

Whether applying manually or incorporating into automatic car wash equipment with fresh water, this product can be used to effectively clean tires, wheels, undercarriages, engine bays and other parts of your vehicle.

This makes it an excellent choice for both do-it-yourself (DIY) home car owners along with professional detailers and garages alike!

The formula works best when using it in combination with mixtures of water to dissolve grime but will also work well by itself.

Meguiar’s Strong Suds Car Wash is heavy-duty and can be used undiluted, but it can also be diluted 4:1 to make a quick solution for very large vehicles or when cleaning multiple vehicles.

Many different types of vehicles (trucks, cars, boats, RVs) are able to be clean using this product, as it does not chemically react with them or the materials they are made of unlike some soaps on the market; there is no petroleum distillate either.

There is also no chemical odor like there would be with other popular car soaps on the market that feature heavy cleaning solvent. Well worth getting our vote as one of the best car wash brands out there.

6. WD-40 Specialist Industrial DegreaserWD-40 Specialist Industrial Degreaser

WD-40 Company’s specialty degreaser for parts washers is one of their newest additions.

Car owners use it for cleaning engines, greasy areas on cars as well as machines, floors, and sensitive metals like copper, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel refrigerators or freezers, granite countertops, and leather seats just to mention a few.

The unique WD-40 parts washer solvent formula removes dried road tar from painted surfaces like no other solvent can. You can also enhance performance by using a parts cleaning brush.

The WD-40 parts washer solvent Specialist is a degreaser and solvent that can be used to clean metal surfaces and stubborn stains.

This degreaser contains corrosion inhibitors, which keep metal parts cleansed with it from corroding when they’re sprayed on or after they’ve been cleaned.

The WD-40 Specialist is also more potent than standard cleaners, and it’s gentler on the skin because it has a lower odor.

It’s available in five distinct sizes (24oz, 32oz, 1 gallon, and 5 gallons), although one of these sizes is the 1-gallon jug (which are all sold individually).

One thing that many customers don’t know about this product line is that the WD-40 Specialist was primarily designed to kill insects like ants, flies, and roaches.


Is it okay to use mineral spirits in a parts washer?

Different liquids, such as mineral spirits, kerosene, or even diesel that is commonly used in a parts washer, may seem helpful for critical cleaning applications to some extent.

But these are actually pretty bad for you and present health issues that might arise from either prolonged exposure to the chemicals or an immediate reaction from a chemical getting into someone’s mouth (yuck).

When replacing your old liquids with new ones, make sure they are more effective and less hazardous so that everyone stays safe and sound.

How can I get rid of oil stains and grease stains?

Wipe away any excess oil using a paper towel or cloth. Allow the afflicted paper towel to sit for 24 hours after sprinkling it with baking soda (a fine powder). Vacuum or sweep away the baking soda after a day.

Is parts washer solvents are hazardous?

As part of the cleaning process, both solvent and aqueous parts washer create sludge, which contains hazardous metals and solvents from the cleaned parts.

What are water based cleaner?

Water based cleaners that use water dissolve soil not just by dissolving it, but also by reacting with it to make it more readily soluble in water.

Depending on the material, some will react with acidic solutions (pH 7 or below) or dissolve more readily therein.

What is a non water based solvents?

Dry solvents are hydrocarbon-based compounds, not water-based. However, solvents can damage adhesives and latex back coatings.


Best parts washer solvent. There are many washer solvent products on the market and so narrowing down a list to compete in our lineup was no easy task.

However, after extensive research on each candidate, we feel confident in supplying you with a list of exceptional products that meet the highest standards.

This is why it’s critical that you carefully review our recommendations and analyze each product’s important characteristics before making an informed purchasing decision on what’s ideal for your needs.

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