How far apart to plant cantaloupe

How far apart to plant cantaloupe. Growing cantaloupe and honeydew melons at home are incredibly gratifying since these fruits have an unrivaled flavor by their store-bought counterparts. Moisture, sunshine, and heat are essential.

Melons require two to three months of heat to thrive, making them difficult, but not impossible, to cultivate in northern climates. 

How far apart to plant cantaloupe
How far apart to plant cantaloupe

Gardeners in any country area may bite into the homegrown deliciousness of melons by employing black native plants to warm soil with floating row coverings to trap warm air near plants.

Every mouthful of these sun-ripened fruits is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, combining excellent taste with tremendous nutrition.

Proper distance to plant cantaloupe

Melons require space to wander. Plants should be spaced 36 to 42″ apart. Plant melons 12 inches apart around the base of a trellis to conserve space. When trellising melons, use soft plant clips that won’t damage stems to regularly connect vines to the lattice. 

A cantaloupe trellis should be 8 feet tall and 20 feet broad in the hottest areas. A wire fence is a good option.

Trellising has several advantages: The air circulation in the vines is better than on the ground, which decreases the risk of illness. In northern climates, vines on a trellis positioned toward the sun receive more sunlight.

Place a trellis against a bright reflecting surface to enhance the amount of light hitting the leaves and confuse melon aphids, which prefer to hide on the gray undersides of leaves.

If you’re going to utilize a trellis, make sure it’s well-anchored, so the vine-covered lattice doesn’t fall over in the summer winds.

Where and how to plant cantaloupe

These plants require a lot of light and warm, well-draining soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Seeds are typically sown in groups of three at a depth of 12 to 1 inch.

I prefer to plant them in little hills or mounds, as I do with other cucurbit members, even though it is not essential.

Plants for cantaloupes are usually planted around 2 feet apart, with rows 5-6 feet apart. Once the weather has warmed up and the transplants have established their second or third leaves, you can plant them.

Plants that have been purchased are usually ready to be planted right immediately.

Considerations to plant cantaloupe

Considerations to plant cantaloupe

After you’ve planted your cantaloupe plants, make sure they’re well watered. They’ll also need 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) of water per week, preferably with drip irrigation. Mulch is an additional consideration while producing cantaloupe.

Cantaloupes ought to be ready for harvesting around a month after the fruit has set. A ripe cantaloupe will easily split from the stalk.

Whether you’re unsure when to harvest, look at the stem where your melon is connected and see whether the cantaloupe comes loose. If it doesn’t, wait a bit longer but keep an eye on it.


Cantaloupes may be grown by anyone who grows cucurbits. Wait till the threat of frost has gone and the soil has warmed in the spring before planting cantaloupe.

Seeds can be planted directly in the garden or flats inside, or you can acquire transplants from reputable nurseries or garden retailers.

While you’re growing watermelons in pots, you’ll also need a cage or trellis. To support increasing vines of a full-sized melon plant, you’ll need a frame that’s at least 8 feet tall—plant melons 12 inches apart at the base of the trellis for cantaloupe or honeydew.

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