Best freeze proof outdoor faucet

Best freeze proof outdoor faucet. Winter is here, and it’s wonderful. We know it may seem like all you’ve been doing lately is shoveling, but it’s also a great time to make sure your water faucets will be able to withstand harsh winter conditions.

If you are using a frost proof sillcock then you will safe in winter. Because cold weather can turn outside water into ice and exert pressure on the pipe, results to burst.

It is important to take precaution when purchasing freeze proof outdoor faucets no matter if you are a beginner or have purchased them in the past.

The most common concern is that these faucets will freeze and eventually burst due to extremely cold temperatures.

It is common for the average temperature to drop below zero degrees during the winter months, which can result in damage to outdoor faucets, pipes, burst pipe and other plumbing equipment.

For exteriors specifically, upgrading your freeze-proof outside faucet or replacing any that have reached the end of their useful life will help ensure that your home stays in tip top shape.

We’ll run through why this step is important and discuss how it could be beneficial when deciding what product would be best suited for your needs!

6 Best Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucet

1. Woodford 19CP-12 Model 19 Outdoor FaucetsBest Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucet

With the Woodford Model 19 Wall Faucet, you will be able to make sure your home is kept in excellent condition by letting water flow to places it is needed the most around your household while keeping water flowing in safe places.

The Woodford Model 19 Wall Faucet is perfect for sinks, showers and laundry facilities because of its ability to resist corrosion from many different kinds of harsh weather.

It is easy to install, so you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties. You can even fix leaks in your water heater’s lines yourself, if you are comfortable with plumbing projects.

If you have a proper plan in place beforehand, the connection system will fit perfectly into any sink type and size, thereby reducing the amount of holes you will need to make to get things done.

The brass stem body not only protects you from these freezing temperatures, but also helps prevent leaks from occurring when there may be buildup of stuck water that has frozen over time.

So if you are looking for a faucet that will keep you and your family safe, then look no further than the Woodford Model 19 thick Walls Faucet.

2. Prier P-164D12 Quarter-Turn Frost Free Anti-Siphon

The Prier P-164D12 Quarter-Turn Frost Free Anti-Siphon Outdoor Hydrant is an anti-siphon thick wall hydrant, which is a water source that does not require you to turn the tap anymore because the water freezes inside.

The flow rate of this unit is higher than most models, and it operates smoothly. This 1/4 turn hydrant has heavy cast brass construction, copper tubing, and stainless steel components.

This 12-inch Extension Hose with Stem and Handle will help you protect your product from any risk of freezing or water damage by connecting this device to a hose bib or faucet.

By installing a stem washer and seat valve reside inside your home, you can prevent cold weather from freezing your pipes

When you buy this accessory, it will come along with a handy handle and stem, which is known for its satin nickel color that will make your garden even more exquisite.

This model is a quarter-turn easy open faucet that features a smooth surface operating handle for simple usage in wet conditions or cold.

Constructed from solid brass with stainless steel gearing, this faucet also includes a traditional rising stem design and anti-siphon vacuum breaker.

3. Woodford Model 22 Series Horizontal Cold WeatherWoodford Model 22 Series Horizontal Cold Weather

This is gold-plated behemoth product. The faucet’s cast aluminum handles are gold-plated while its pressure relief valve is steel gray.

The adjustable flange includes two taps with hot and cold water supply to allow you to adjust the temperature fluctuations of the outdoor water supply.

This product is specifically for combat freezing temperatures. Its valves resist freezing temps, allowing the unit’s flow to continue even in freezing point without requiring frequent maintenance.

Pressure performance is outstanding as well, with maximum operating water pressure of 125 psi for hot and 160 psi for cold water, giving you ample pressure throughput for your piping system’s needs. This model features 3/4 inlets.

The Woodford 22CP-4-MH is a 4 inch rough-in and 5.25 inch installation depth cast aluminum faucet with a 1/2 inch male thread or a 1/2 inch female copper inlet cold water connection and patented checks to provide anti-siphon protection along with resetting patented pressure relief valves

The Woodford 22CP-4-MH has individual anti-siphon protection in addition to resetting pressure relief valves, an atmospheric vent for returning unused water back to the water supply line, a gasket seal, and is intended for use on Industrial type Irrigation (Turf) Systems, supplying only hot water year round for residential application.

4. Midline Valve 84343 Frost Free Sillcock

The Midline Valve Anti-Siphon is best frost free sillcock and available in four different sizes making it an excellent choice for installations that do not have a standard size or space to install.

Because of its large range of size options customers can be sure that the faucet will accommodate the installation no matter what the specific measurements are. It has a solid brass body that is plated with chrome for leak free and beautiful appearance.

 It is the location of the shut off valve that distinguishes ordinary from frost free sillcocks. Normally, the hose bibb is located where the knob is found, but for frost free hose bib, they are positioned inside the hose so that the water flow remains on the warmer side.

Midline is best frost free sillcock which can be used as a outdoor water faucet or a faucet on its own. Frost free sillcocks is an outdoor hose bib with an inlet pipe of 6 inches. It prevents cold weather from blocking of your water pipes.

The faucet is certified lead-free and suggests soldering without any special adapters even where there might be more traditional threads due to its long 34-inch attachments.

Pressures of up to 150 PSI can be handled by this effective midline sillcock offered by this manufacturer.

5. SharkBite 24629LFA Freeze Proof Outdoor FaucetsSharkBite 24629LFA Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucets

The SharkBite Frost Free Sillcock is ideal if you currently have or will be converting your home to a Frost Free water system.

This 8-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch faucet will work with all these frost free systems. The SharkBite Frost Free Shuttlecock has a simple design, which makes it easy to install.

The installation process begins by unscrewing the cap from your existing supply line and then removing the appropriate amount of pipe for the size of faucet you need.

You then press the top end of this shuttlecock onto your previously removed pipe and secure it with a bit of taping to maintain that leak-free seal which is crucial for keeping any water supply line that may build up in the pipes for frost freezing temperature during winter.

This unit is perfect for anyone who wants easy installation and maintenance without worrying about pipes freezing or getting burst when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

A backflow prevention system prevents liquid from flowing back into the main supply line when the valve is turned off.

6. Mueller Industries Best freeze proof outdoor faucetBest freeze proof outdoor faucet 2021

The Mueller Industries 12” Frost Free Faucet Wall Hydrant has a quarter turn freeze-proof sillcock that is perfect for areas with cold climates.

The solid brass body reduces future corrosion concerns while the pipes that transport water have a vinyl coating to make sure they don’t erode apart over time due to chemicals in the water.

Along with reducing corrosion, this hydrant also delivers 88 pounds per square inch of pressure thanks to its dual outlet ports. Since the notched mounting bolsters a 200 foot operating pressure, it can be installed in any location without worry about losing power or pressure.

Quartermaster Anti-Siphon Faucet – Frost Free Sillcock will help you get the quick fix you need with little to no knowledge necessary which make it best frost free sillcock.

These quarter-turn ball valves come complete with everything you need to protect your water supply from contaminants. Their 1/2″ male inlets and solder soldered joints ensures long-lasting use and reliability.

These soldering end comply with ANSI B1. 20, so quality is not compromised. Since there’s no anti-siphon hole in this faucet, it will not allow water to flow until the valve handle is closed and holding back water pressure in the line.

UPC Approved for safety assurance, IAMPO approved for expert thoroughness, and ASSE approved for an A+ rating in sanitary quality. They intend on providing customers with everything they need at all times from day 1, so don’t hesitate to invest in this product.


How can I keep my outdoor faucet from freezing?

In the fall, remove any hoses from the outside faucet. Turn off the fixtures’ water supply valve near the house and drain away any remaining water.

Remove any visible debris from inside or around your outside faucet and install an outdoor faucet guard to prevent freezing.

Finally, wrap pipe insulation around the pipe connecting to your outdoor faucet in order to keep it warm throughout the cold winter.

Is it possible for a dripping outdoor faucet to freeze?

If you discover any issues, go ahead and repair or replace the fixture. It is critical to fix any problems as soon as possible to prevent a breakdown that may be costly or failure-prone.

If water is dripping from the tap, there is usually a problem with either the faucet itself or its washer or cartridge which could have become clogged.

What can I use to cover my exterior faucets?

To cover your exterior faucets, you will need a couple of things. Second is a large ziplock bag or plastic shopping bag which will be used to protect the piece of cloth you’ll use to finish covering your exterior faucet.

Finally, broad tape such as duct tape or packing tape should suffice and ideally will have no usage left on them if you have previously had it lying around.

It may sound like a long list but making sure your property isn’t tainted with leakage from your faucet’s exterior finishing is key to keeping your family safe so there’s nothing too complicated about this project.

Do frost free hose bibs work?

The shutoff valve is typically located behind the handle of traditional hose bibs. Frost free hose bib stop the water when you shut off the water, which is behind a valve set farther inside the home.

Because the water remains where the air temperature is higher, it won’t freeze.

Do you really need a hose bib?

Winterizing your exterior faucets and hose bib (a hose bib is a spigot that connects your garden hose connector to) is essential to prevent burst pipes. If you live in an area where it is below freezing temperature during the winter, this applies to you.

What is the difference between a wall hydrant and hose bib?

To operate them, you need a key, which opens or closes the valve, preventing unauthorized use of the hydrant. Water is dispensed from a sillcock (or hose bibs) on the exterior of a house.


Best freeze proof outdoor faucet. We hope you enjoyed our winter blog post, and that it helped you better understand why it’s important to have freeze-proof faucets for the harsh winter weather. If you’ve been looking for a new faucet for your home, we’d be happy to provide you with a free quote. We are always looking for ways to help our customers find the most beneficial products for their needs, and we want to ensure that all of our customers are happy with their purchases.

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