Best free standing toilet paper holder

Best free standing toilet paper holder. The most crucial bathroom supply of all is perhaps toilet paper. Therefore, it’s important to have the best toilet paper holders around to keep it handy.

The holders themselves can also be used as a beautiful bathroom accent item if you so desire. There are two types of toilet tissue holders that one can purchase in the market: wall-mounted holder and free-standing.

Toilet paper Wall-mounted holders are the most common type, but free-standing ones serve their purpose just as well if you don’t mind taking up some more room on your bathroom floor. Toilet paper holders come in all shapes and sizes.

And finally, for any who are still confused about which specific model of toilet tissue holder to purchase – take comfort in knowing that all models hold exactly the same thing at their core.

6 Best free standing toilet paper holder

1. Moen DN4150BN Stockton Free standingBest free standing toilet paper holder

Moen is known for its wonderful line of bathroom toilet paper holders is useful and attractive. This item is one roll toilet paper holder made of zinc or brass with a brushed nickel finish.

A pivoting post, as opposed to the more conventional spring-loaded post, allows you to easily replace your toilet paper roll when needed.

The surface of the toilet paper roll and the main holder are both nicely polished, with subtle nuances that add to the piece’s overall elegance.

And I adore the large round base, which provides essential support and guarantees that it stands upright when in use. Because of its sleek and tall profile, it can be stored beside the toilet for easy access. The hardware comes in chrome, satin nickel, matte black, and brushed brass finishes.

This brushed nickel durable toilet paper holder was surprisingly simple to put together and is also very solid. It comes with a template and mounting hardware for easy installation.

It is also extremely robust, with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment while removing the fear of the device needing to be replaced anytime soon.

The unit’s overall height is 22 inches, which isn’t exceptionally tall, but this doesn’t appear to be a problem because the base’s diameter (6.25 inches) allows the paper to one roll enough space over it without touching it or becoming stuck on it – a feature that makes toilet paper holders really simple to use.

2. Excello Global Products Toilet Paper Holder StandExcello Global Products Toilet Paper Holder Stand

The Excello freestanding toilet paper holder adds a touch of ancient and industrial modern design to your bathroom. This holder is constructed of cast iron tubing with various joints for enhanced intricacy.

It has a stained oak base that goes well with most modern bathrooms, as well as an industrial appeal that doesn’t clash with the rest of your innovative design.

When the toilet paper stand is properly installed into the wall, the toilet roll spins freely in place, attracting attention from all sides as you enter and exit your bathroom.

These toilet paper holders can carry one new roll of toilet paper, but the free standing design roll capacity can hold up to three rolls and up to four rolls, making it a great option for most toilets to ensure that supplies do not run out.

Free-standing toilet paper dispensers provide ease of placement and storage space for extra large rolls. This holder allows you to conveniently store three more rolls within arm’s reach. Three spares are stored underneath in a rust-resistant dark brown finish.

Designed to complement a variety of bathroom decor styles while providing durability and long-lasting use. Modern bathroom are made more convenient with this matte black Toilet Tissue Holder. This freestanding toilet paper holder adds a contemporary touch to the bathroom.

This best toilet paper holder is made of rustic timber and has a very robust base that keeps the stored additional rolls dry for maximum comfort and convenience. With a height of 28 inches, it’s simple to reach the full roll without taking anything from the wall.

This Excello Global Products product also includes a 15.75 inch by a 7.75-inch wooden base that is made in the United States, bringing several years of building and free standing design knowledge to one wonderful bathroom essentials accessory.

3. TomCare Toilet Paper Holder Toilet Paper Stand

Another freestanding toilet paper holder from a company focused on bringing simple, artistic designs at affordable prices.

The toilet paper holders particular free standing design is specifically for those many of us who happen to own smartphones and prefer to use them to play music or watch movies instead of watching them on a computer or laptop screen.

Thanks to the shelf located on the top, you can keep your phone up there without needing to place it down somewhere in the bathroom or risk losing track of where it was since you have so much else going on in your mind after all those glasses of wine.

Air freshener, hand sanitizer or other toiletries could also be stored in it. Stainless Steel free-standing toilet paper holder with a top shelf that can hold many materials.

This toilet paper stand is especially important because let’s face it: phones nowadays are expensive. Most consumers who buy this particular model will be able to accessorize their bathrooms with matching accessories such as extra large rolls that match with the bronze finish. Bathroom organization can be improved with it.

Look no further if you’re looking for a high-end and incredibly durable stainless steel best toilet paper holder. This one, unlike others, will stay there thanks to its beautiful stainless steel design, which is sure to wow family and friends. It features a stylish appearance that complements any bathroom decor.

The maker also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re displeased with the item for any reason, you can return it with no remorse (minus a 10 percent resale fee). This means you can use it without risk for up to a year.

Best Toilet paper holders may also be used with both large and small toilet paper rolls, making it one of the most adaptable solutions available today. Bathroom cabinets prevent the installation of toilet paper holders and toilet brush inside.

4. Gatco 1431SN, Modern Rectangle Base Free standingGatco 1431SN, Modern Rectangle Base Free standing

With a balanced sterling-brass rectangular base, Gatco’s modern freestanding toilet paper holder is simple yet lovely. It comes in two styles and three different finishes (matte black, satin nickel, and chrome finish).

You can acquire the holder without the post (you’ll add single roll to the post separately) or with an upright post that holds extra toilet paper rolls. I prefer one without storage because it is more distinctive.

Due to the rectangular padding weight that protects other items from tipping over onto the floor, the base of this standing toilet paper holder is solid and stable. The elegant two roll toilet tissue holder can be placed right next to the toilet seat for easy access. For small spaces in the bathroom, this holder is ideal.

This method works with both ordinary and big TP accommodate jumbo rolls. Elegant and sleek, this modern tissue roll stand adds a lovely touch to any bathroom decor. A wall-mounted holder can be replaced with this alternative.

This Gatco toilet paper towels holder is designed specifically for bathrooms with limited space. The rectangular base of the floor model is 7.88 inches wide, 5.13 inches tall, and 21.13 inches deep.

When you get this device, you’ll get the added peace of mind of knowing it’s covered by Gatco’s 100-year warranty.

5. SimpleHouseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper RollSimpleHouseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

This free standing toilet paper stand dispenser is made of cast iron and can accommodate multiple rolls at once if you’re interested. This piece is available in two different finishes: silver and bronze.

What’s great about this free standing toilet paper holder is that it’s perfect for small bathrooms because it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to move around, so you can put it in front of, beside, or even on top of your toilet.

There are no restrictions on the size of paper roll you purchase, as the freestanding design was built in tray to accommodate both ordinary and large rolls with ease. You will receive two parts when you purchase this holder .

With its bronze finish, it brings an element of industrial flair to a range of settings. Bathrooms with small spaces will benefit from this holder.

It’s easy to put together, and you won’t need assistance from a friend while replacing free standing toilet paper rolls if you have the confidence to do it yourself, regardless of their dissatisfaction or insistence that “it’s not that difficult”.

6. mDesign Best free standing toilet paper holderBest free standing toilet paper holders

This toilet paper dispenser has a very attractive design. It’s sleek, fashionable, and contemporary.

The design is both simple and attractive at the same time. If I saw this in my bathroom, I’d buy it right now and be done with it.

There are a few essential aspects that jumped out to me the most, such the two distinct chambers for holding your jumbo toilet paper rolls and the ease of pulling out one at a time. A toilet paper holder and a toilet brush are built into this alloy steel standing toilet paper holder.

Then there’s the top shelf, which I can’t image not having – it’s always good to have somewhere to put your personal items like your phone or keys during the day. Most bathroom decor pairs well with the attractive polished chrome finish.

mDesign freestanding toilet paper holders have brought out a series of toilet paper holders and this company believes that you should be able to get a toilet paper holder that matches your home decor. It can be matte black or rose gold, but not both, alas.

This freestanding toilet paper holder is made of high-quality metal resin that is rust-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean; no more crumpled rolls strewn across the bathroom floor. Styled with tasteful simplicity, the collection gives off an air of calmness with its delicate, unadorned aesthetic.


In a small bathroom, where do you put the toilet paper holders?

The toilet paper holder should be placed between 27 to 30 inches high above the floor, and at a distance of somewhere between 8 to 10 inches within your toilet’s range.

This ensures that you won’t strain when reaching for it, as well as places its reach within arm’s length so that you don’t have to set anything down in order to obtain a fresh piece of tissue.

Are freestanding toilet paper holders standard size?

There are definitely a few different sizes to choose from. This allows for a variety of roles to be used in holders.

You might want to use a jumbo-sized holder for your bathroom if you want to change the way that it looks, or if you want a large freestanding toilet paper holder so that you have more ease getting long ply toilet papers on and off the roll.


Best free standing toilet paper holder. There are so many wonderful options when it comes to choosing the perfect toilet paper holder. The Toilet Tissue Holder will be a useful convenient addition to any modern bathroom. However, one thing I would keep in mind is that freestanding holders do not require mounting hardware, as evidenced by how fashionable and portable they are, as well as how they can be used for both storages of your toilet rolls and other household items like mobile phones or newspapers.

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