What to plant in a window box

What to plant in a window box. A window box is a small container of various shapes placed at the base of the window with beautifully grown flowering plants. 

What to plant in a window box
What to plant in a window box

It feels so amazing waking up and observing the lush and lovely flowers at the base of your window that enhance the beauty of your home as well.

But what to plant?  

A prime question can click your mind but, don’t worry!

Various varieties are opted to be grown in the window boxes that require full sunlight, and some may require shade. 

So we are here to discuss plants of some commonly grown varieties in the window box with their requirements and reasons that makes them well suited for the window boxes.

Let’s get started!

Window box flowers for full sun

There are three varieties of plants that require sunny, hot, south, or west-facing window requirements.

  • Upright plants 
  • Climbing vines 
  • Trailing plants 

Upright plants

  • LavenderLavender

Lavender is an herbaceous perennial that likes warm, sunny, arid Mediterranean climates.

 It belongs to the family of Lavandula, which are fanning and spreading bushes with dim-green leaves and long blossoming shoots, require low humidity, and well-draining, sandy soil with an excess of water may cause the death of lavender plants. 

The leaves can be straightforward or pinnate, comprising a height of 30-50 mm (1-2 in) and producing blossoms on shoots or spikes, 20-40 cm (8-16 in) long.

The lavender flowers are lilac or blue, enhancing the beauty and scenery of your home’s outdoor view. 

Lavender can develop to 0.4 m (1.3 ft.) in stature and live up to 20 to 30 years. 

  • MarigoldMarigold

Marigolds are Annual plants suitable irrespective of any season and zone.

They gain height up to 6 inches, with beautifully grown orange and yellow flowers highlights of red, gold, brass, and copper.

You can use loamy soil that is capable of water retention.  

The Opting of standard garden soil is just fine, but grade soil may prevent any future problems to the plant. 

Provide them proper care to make the window box full of lush, beautiful marigolds.

Trailing Plants for Window Box

  • PetuniasPetunias

The petunias are commonly the best choice of annual plants to be grown in window boxes facing the sunlight for more than six hours. 

They will tolerate the sunlight and humidity and possess a wide range of flowers that makes them fit to be grown in window boxes. 

Depending upon the variety grown, they reach a height of 6-12 inches.  The petunia’s flowers are hieroglyphs of hope, love, and respect. 

Climbing Vines for Window Box

  • Carolina jessamineCarolina jessamine

Perennials are well-suited for window boxes, including Carolina jessamine. 

It’s a perennial plant that requires full sunlight and adequate watering to produce lush yellow, five-petal flowers that enhance the beauty of the window box. 

It might attract various pollinators and butterflies that create a mesmerizing scene while gaining a height of 3 feet, but if grown in window boxes, the climbing capacity gets a bit slowly. 

The advantage of growing this plant is it will remain green and alive all year.

Window box flower for shade

  • Cardinal FlowersCardinal Flowers

Cardinal flower or Lobelia is a shade-loving perennial plant that gives rise to long stalks of flowers that attain a height of four feet. 

The lovely blossoms attract pollinators including hummingbirds. 

It lies in USDA zone 3 to 9 and requires rich, damp, and well-draining soil.

Its flowers possess various color varieties of scarlet red, white which are very soothing to eyes and make them fit to be grown in the window boxes.


Various other plants can be grown in the window boxes. 

Select them according to the window box site, requirements, and of course, your choice matters as well.

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