How long to soak air plants

How long to soak air plants. Soak the air plants in water for the best results. It’s vital to remember that air plants get all of their nourishment through their leaves rather than their roots. The roots are used to secure the air plant to a host tree, rock, or ground.

How long to soak air plantsHow long to soak air plants

Every week to ten days, soak your air plants in a basin of water for 20 minutes to an hour. Completely submerge the plant.

You may want to maintain the bud above the water to avoid disturbing it whenever the plant is blooming, even though they are constantly moist.

Make sure the water is lukewarm or room temperature to avoid stunning the plant.

Why soak air plant?

  • The most crucial aspect of watering your air plants is drying them correctly afterward. 
  • It’s critical to dry your air plants thoroughly by placing them on their side or upside down on a dishtowel. This is particularly critical for the more notable species. 
  • Within 2 hours of their bath, they should be scorched to the touch. 
  • It is not recommended to restore air plants to terrariums or vases until they are completely dry. 
  • Some plants may decay if you water those and then instantly put them in an enclosure.

If you implement these easy watering guidelines, you will have happy and healthy air plants.

How to do soaking?

Watering your air plants may be done in a variety of ways. If you opt to soak them, make sure not to keep them in the water for too long. 

If you just received your air plants in the mail, soak them for 8 hours in a basin of water. After a lengthy voyage on the road, this would thoroughly water the plants.

When your plant has finished soaking, carefully brush off any excess water and dry them near a window or beneath a fan. 

It’s critical to wind dry your air plants in an area with high circulation to keep them healthy. After the initial vigorous soaking, you can return to your usual weekly soaking plan.

Allow your air plants to soak for 20 minutes each time and then air dry. Soak your plants twice a week to compensate for the dry climate if maintained in an air-conditioned or hot setting. 

It’s also a good idea to mist your plant in between soakings to keep it hydrated.


  • Keep in mind that soaking for extended periods does not always equate to more hydration for your plants. 
  • Once the proper amount of moisture has been absorbed, air plants will cease absorbing water. This is why, depending on how completely you wet your plants, spraying and dipping them may be just as beneficial. 
  • If you want to rejuvenate a dried-out plant, water it every other day rather than once a week. 
  • allow enough time for the plants to dry completely after each bathing. 
  • More essential, be aware of the sorts of air plants you have before soaking them. 


While most air plants benefit from weekly soaks of 15-30 minutes, others prefer to be misted or plunged rather than immersed.

When caring for your plants, you’ll want to consider if you should soak or immerse them. This will assist your air plants in living a long and healthy life. 

When watering air plants in bloom, be careful and not get the flower wet. Although it’s fine to soak the lowest leaves of the plant, avoid drenching the bud by pouring water over them or immersing them.

If a flower stays damp over an extended time, it might develop rot, which can then spread to the leaves and destroy the plant.

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