Best soil for bonsai tree

Best soil for bonsai tree. A Bonsai is a living dwarf tree. A small tree has grown in a bonsai pot and whose trunk and branches are trained to grow in specific forms.

The practice of growing Bonsai trees dates back to the time of the Chinese Han Dynasty, 206 BC-AD 220.

Bonsai need a small amount of soil indoor bonsais need a shallow bonsai pot but outdoor bonsais require more depth for adequate drainage through their roots.

The best types of soil for your Bonsai will include crushed granite (for rock planting) because it can help increase humidity which allows the plant to absorb and retain water from the soil faster, or ordinary topsoil (either with or without compost).

Experienced growers believe that the most important element in selecting good potting soil is drainage since poor drainage leads to fungus rot.

8 Best soil for bonsai tree

1. Bonsai Soil Mix by TinyrootsBest soil for bonsai tree

This premium blend of Bonsai pot and potting mix is an all-purpose option.

Whether you are planting a sapling or repotting a mature tree, Tinyroots All-Purpose Blend will help your plant get off to a solid start with a healthy roots system growing in rich, organic soil.

Let your imagination run wild with this biodegradable blend of soil, organic compost, vermiculite, calcined clay, and grit which can be used for both indoor and outdoor growing plants!

A versatile soil specially blended for the optimal growth of bonsai trees. As it is specific to bonsai gardens, All-Purpose Bonsai Soil is not as rich in nutrients and moisture retention as ordinary “plant” soils which leads to poor roots system growth and stunted leaves.

Mined from deep within the mountains and mixed at a certified Kaikou bonsai pots nursery, this all-purpose blend will give you the best results for your money spent. Used by experts in their own gardens, this garden blend boasts positive results that are sure to please!

Organic and inorganic materials are mixed together to form the perfect growing medium for your bonsai. Not only is the soil light and porous, but the mix also contains traces of vital elements and minerals that aid in the overall health of your plant.

With its beneficial structure, this potting soil will not cause draining problems even when you excess water your bonsai with a drip system.

2. Hoffman 10708 Bonsai Soil Mix, 2 Quarts

Hoffman Bonsai Soil is a blend of hydroponic, sand, and pine bark. This mix has been specially formulated to promote drainage and the ideal amount of moisture for your plant.

Trusted by both beginners and experts alike, this mix is frequently used in repotting or transplanting projects with evergreen tree species.

You should add more Akadama or organic potting compost to the mix if you won’t have time to check on your deciduous trees twice a day. The commercial brands of bonsai soil will have a mix of rocks, clay, and organic matter breaks.

The Hoffman bonsai series is the best on the market because it offers optimum growth and plant support while controlling moisture and drainage.

It is also used as a bottom layer in Bonsai pots to enhance drainage. You must be careful not to overwater it because you may have to deal with wet feet. It requires a lot of water, especially at first.

The ready-to-use formula comes in a container designed for bonsai repotting with hassle-free use making sure that we’re doing what works best for every plant.

High-quality bonsai soil perfectly matches what was originally provided when my bonsai trees were purchased new.

All the concern about transplanting is effectively vanquished because of this! Not only does it help to clean up the mess left behind, but this extra goodie is at a fraction of what local nurseries have been trying to charge you for and has assured you that you can now look like a pro.

3. Bonsai Jack Universal Organic Bonsai Soil MixBonsai Jack Universal Organic Bonsai Soil Mix

Jack’s brand, which makes #221 a universal Bonsai soil mix, offers several brands of Bonsai soils, but #221 is the most popular mix among experienced gardeners.

The Jack’s brand makes a line of premium all-purpose plant nutrients for general use in the home or business. Each bonsai mix is sold in a multipurpose spray bottle and is recommended for use on all kinds of plants.

The #0075 tea tree spray, shown below, is recommended for houseplants and commercial crops that need to remain pest-free even during holidays. You may need to add more lava rock if you live in an area with high humidity levels. Fine gravel or grit helps to drain and aerate, thus serving as the bottom layer of bonsai pots.

A bonsai mix designed for Japanese bonsais. pH level is ready to use, and won’t need screening or washing due to the quality of organic materials used in each bag.

The price per bag starts off at $89 .99 and goes up from there depending on the size of the bag you want. If this mix seems like it could be a good fit for your needs, you can call a representative about ordering over the phone if you’d rather not order off their website or would prefer someone walk you through what comes with a certain size package.

To ensure maximum growth and health for your prized bonsai trees, this expert growing mix includes high-quality ingredients: coconut coir, cocoa pod ash, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, pumice, and diatomaceous earth. Various organic components degrade at varying speeds, so it’s hard to tell how quickly organic soil deteriorates

With hundreds of thousands sold worldwide and phone support offered alongside each order for reliable advice, this is the perfect choice for amateur or experienced Bonsai substrate enthusiasts.

4. Bonsai Tree Soil Conifer Blend organic soilBonsai Tree Soil Conifer Blend organic soil

Tinyroots conifer blend has been packed to the brim with nutrients using double sifted pine bark, river sand, pumice, and calcined clay. This is a special blend made for Junipers, such as Cedars and Japanese Black pines.

Tinyroots Conifer finds bonsai Soil is used by professionals and trusted by New England Bonsai, Kaikou School of Bonsai, and dozens of Independent Garden Centers nationwide.

Bonsai soil should consist of large enough air pockets so that oxygen will reach the roots and microbes can reproduce. In addition to creating a healthy and stimulating environment, it contains all the specific bonsai soil components you need for bonsai trees.

Two-quart bag of organic, ALL-NATURAL ingredients for bonsai trees. These products are perfectly blended for Junipers, Japanese Black Pines and White Pines, Cedars, Cypress trees, and other conifer Bonsai species.

Containing genuine high-grade Japanese Akadama and Turface high-fired calcined clay for superior moisture retention and FRIT vitamin and mineral blend with 28 nutrients for conifers. Fine gravel or grit help with drainage and aeration and is used as the bottom layer of a bonsai pot.

Ground pine bark and river sand are significant to the success of your basic bonsai. We carefully screen our organic material to make sure you’re receiving only valuable material, screened for large particles that could harm the root system of your bonsai.

You can rest assured you’ll be satisfied with our service and we promise if you’re not happy with your order, we will refund your purchase in its entirety within 30-days.

5. Generic Bonsai Soil 2 Quart Premium Fast Draining

Generic is a manufacturer of high-quality organic soil products especially created to be used with bonsai plants.

These potting organic soil mixes and aggregates in bonsai mixes have all the right ingredients to promote long life and fast growth for your bonsai tree.

Quality topsoil, perlite, and peat moss will help keep your tree’s roots full and healthy as well as increase aeration which ultimately promotes root growth.

Birch Seeds Bonsai soil mix features sand and lime levels that are ideal for fresh air around roots and assist in healthy root development.

This fine-textured, silky smooth, and all-purpose bonsai soil surface is designed to provide the optimal environment for any assortment of trees. In case you are short on time to check on your deciduous trees twice a day, add more Akadama or organic potting compost to your.

bonsai mix to promote water retention. Most commercial brands of Bonsai soil consist of a mix of rocks, hard baked japanese clay, and organic matter breaks.

We use a small number of quality ingredients that help to promote the rapid growth of your tree without sacrificing quality, which makes it ideal for craftsmen who are especially interested in preserving their creations for long periods of time by keeping them healthy as possible.

It will also benefit from lava rocks of different kinds because they will imitate the bonsai native inorganic soil perfectly and provide it with the characteristics of porous succulent soil.

Our bonsai tree organic soil mixtures blend is a quick draining mix of sand, lime, and perlite. The lime helps provide good reduces aeration to the plant roots while the perlite provides maximum drainage.

The 8 x 10 resealable bag makes it easy to place your bonsai tree directly in its new planter when you’re ready to get started right away!

6. Bonsai Soil Premium All-Purpose BlendBonsai Soil Premium All-Purpose Blend

Bonsai is a garden art form. Bonsai tree requires skill to correctly maintain and cultivate it.

For example, the proper soil Ph is crucial to the health and growth of a bonsai and it’s not always easy to find the exact one that’s ideal for your tree’s specific needs.

That’s where we come in! We have blended an all-purpose soil mixture that enhances root rot growth for bonsais which include Azaleas and Bald Cypress bonsai trees alike.

Bonsai soil with room for fresh air to permeate between the particles provides proper aeration for the roots system.

The mix of Bonsai Soil contains just the right amount of fertilizer, nourishment, and water retention to help you maintain a healthy plant. It also enables the roots to breathe well so that it does not succumb to root rot. Bonsai soil must have air pockets to provide oxygen to the roots and microbes.

Due to its composition, the fertilizer is released slowly but steadily into the bonsai soil components, which helps prevent overfeeding your plants. As an added bonus, Bonsai Soil comes in a Sealed Packaging Bag with 2.2 quarts of bonsai well-draining soil components occupying every bag. If you insist on using an organic soil mix, we recommend choosing one that uses pine bark.

These bonsai pots are made from a blend MADE IN THE USA. If you are not satisfied with your purchase then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will arrange a refund or replacement immediately.

7. Bonsai Soil All Purpose Mix Fast Draining Pre Blend PlantBonsai Soil All Purpose Mix Fast

This Bonsai plant mix is specially formulated to provide ideal drainage, moisture retention, and nutrient uptake.

It’s engineered to meet the unique needs of delicate bonsai roots, which means that your plants will have exactly what they need and can flourish.

This blend is made of only the highest-quality ingredients, perfect for any type of outdoorsy plant including cactii, succulents, herbs, and others. All aggregates are sourced in the United States. A bonsai pot’s bottom layer is fine gravel or grit for proper drainage holes and improve aeration.

The professional all-purpose bonsai soil components are specially made in-house to ensure quality. In fact, this is the garden soil we use in our YouTube videos, including those on our popular “We Are The Bonsai Supply” channel. Plants grow in an active and vibrant environment in a balanced soil.

We formulate it to have the perfect balance of good drainage, pH level, water retention, nutrients, and proper aeration for a plant’s roots. A pine bark-based soil mix is recommended if you insist on using an organic soil mix.

At The Bonsai Supply, they produce a high-quality soil mix that is ideal for cultivating plants and other living things in a small space. We offer a selection of 5 different sizes for you to select from so that you can choose the size which works best for you.

If you have any specific questions in regards to whether or not our soil mix is right for the project in hand, please don’t hesitate to consult our team of experts here at The Bonsai Supply.

8. Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets by Perfect Plants Bonsai Trees

Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets are the multi-purpose nutrient boost your Bonsai Tree needs for root replenishment.

Trees grown in containers have limited access to nutrients with Perfect Plants you can ensure nutrient enrichment to your tree year-round.

They are re-sealable, the heavy-duty bag that contains a 5-year supply of pellets for one single tree, or can be used as a one-year supply for multiple trees. Bonsai soil sold in commercial products is a mix of rocks, baked clay, and organic matter.

The product weighs approximately 5 oz. and will last up to 1 year when applied every 2 weeks during the Spring and Summer months up until Autumn begins to set in.

One application provides 12 months of enrichment to the bonsai soil components of your tree which helps promote new growth while building a strong roots system for your containerized plant.

Fertilize your tree during the entire flushing season, from Early Spring til Late Summer. The slow-release formula will continuously supply strong root growth
with vital nutrients.

The perfect Plants bonsai garden soil provides an environment for bonsai plants with all the nutrients and moisture they need, just like we do for our loved ones. It’s made specifically to suit any type of tree – because, at Perfect Plants, we’re here for you!


How do I make bonsai soil?

The best combination when potting soil for bonsai trees is a mixture of charcoal, pine, and small pieces of bark. For example, all together thrown in the shape of your little planter should suffice to provide improving drainage, drain immediately, and aeration for the little plant (that you’ll actually water absorption on a daily basis.

What can I use instead of bonsai soil?

It’s ideal to use organic soils called akadama or some type of fired clay-like pumice, which ensures that you have the right porous properties.

And it’s very important to have a soil composition that allows you to mix various ingredients together for the needs at hand either with you’re your plants depending on what they specifically need.


Best soil for bonsai tree. Bonsai is a beautiful art form. There are both indoor and outdoor Bonsai’s. Different trees can be used to create a Bonsai. If you purchased a bonsai planted in the garden or normal potting soil, you can set it up for success by repotting it at the proper time in a well-draining soil mix more suited to root growth. While some trees are more difficult to create a Bonsai with, it is entirely possible.

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