Best ivy for brick walls

Best ivy for brick walls. Ivy-covered walls create the illusion of a time-honored sanctuary. Ivy adorned walls bring to mind images of grand estates that have stood the test of time and an old European cottage in the woods.

It’s not only a sight to behold, but it helps to protect your property from exterior elements whether it’s by providing shade, privacy, or moisture control.

For some people this is a dream come true; for others, it can cause a headache as you wouldn’t want ivy plants growing on your walls unless you know how to care for them properly! Luckily there are still other options available depending on how willing you are to care for such plants.

7 Best ivy for brick walls

1. Wofair 241 Feet Fake Ivy Garland for Brick Wall

Best ivy for brick walls

These artificial ivy garlands are ideal for adding landscape definition and a bit of color to your outdoor decor. With realistic leaves and strong vines, it’s great for wrapping around decks and railings to bring definition to your space.

Whether you’re looking to give your home a burst of color or decorate a special event in style, this vibrant ivy garland is the perfect addition to any occasion! Ficus pumila, a small leaf fig ivy, can also cling to masonry or wood walls with its aerial roots.

This artificial garland is made of lightweight fabric so it’s easy to hang up without worrying about damaging your wall structure.

Use it as wedding decorations, home decor or even at an office setting. It’s great for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, porches, patios, and more. What a wonderful addition to make any party extra special.

Wonderful Decorations Use artificial planting to create the perfect look for your landscaping project or decor style. Choose garden and office supplies that will last a while so you don’t need to worry about replacing them too often.

With their simple but elegant design that complements any decor style! For events such as weddings, you can consider adding woodland green too.

No matter which place you go to in Australia, people thrive on nature. This is actually why buying flower products made from natural materials is still a popular trend in our age today.

2. CEWOR 36pcs 236Ft Artificial Vines for Room Decor

CEWOR 36pcs 236Ft Artificial Vines for Room Decor

The Ivy Vine is excellent in homes, patios, offices, and any other place that needs a touch of green. It is the closest thing to real holly you can get! This beautiful vine will instantly add a touch of nature to wherever it’s placed.

Made with high-quality leaves and plastic stems, the design is very easy to use. The holly leaves are made with exquisite dying technology so they stay vivid, durable, and waterproof to last for countless years.

This pretty vine comes on an iron hook, ready to hang up right away as soon as it arrives at your doorstep! Choose wisely this gorgeous ivy garland design if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add decoration anywhere or even impress your guests with a custom hanging for your wedding shower or party!

This ivy garlands are designed to be used as wedding decor and outdoor entertainment decorations! The artificial ivy vines are a great choice for someone who wants their event to look festive but also wants it to appear more private.

That’s why these beautiful green pieces can be the perfect addition for an outdoor event such as a backyard deck party or even a small outdoor ceremony on your own property.

We know that sometimes artificial plants may have a smell, but we hope you will understand that this is natural when it comes to all fake foliage and stems.

Rest assured that the smell will disappear after being placed in a well-ventilated area or if stored correctly, away from sunlight and heat so they don’t disintegrate. Best ivy for brick walls.

3. 12 Pack 90 FT Artificial Ivy Garland

12 Pack 90 FT Artificial Ivy Garland

These ivy vines are ideal for use in decorative vases, bowls, or planting pots. These green ivy-growing vines look ruggedly lifelike, and they will last without needing you to water them once you’ve gotten these artificial vines up and growing around your office/home!

These vines are 3.2 inches wide with a length of approximately 90 inches each. You can shape and style these 12-strands artificial hanging vine bundles any way that you wish because they’re easy to bend and adjust to whatever form suits your decorating needs at any given time.

These garland-style ivy vines are available for order in bulk sets so that one can fashion the perfect display throughout their home or business setting in a hurry!

Ficus pumila, a small-leafed fig ivy, will also cling to masonry or wood walls with its aerial roots. Its green leaves turn red in the fall, giving your living space a whole new look.

These ivy leaves are made with exquisite dyeing technology. They are designed to be colorfast and durable, but will still arrive at your door a little fragrant from the dying process.

But don’t worry! This smell will wisp away after the garland has been left out for about a week. Our artificial ivy vines are water-resistant and full sun-resistant – good for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for decorating bedrooms, weddings, gardens, balconies, shopping malls, stairs or any place you can imagine!

4. Joyhalo Ivy Garland – Fake Vines Artificial Ivy Leaf Plants

Joyhalo Ivy Garland - Fake Vines Artificial Ivy Leaf Plants

This ivy is made using the latest technology and has leaves of brilliant shades that have an appearance more realistic than regular ivy growing. Measuring at 1.19cm (24 inches), each vine has 12 leaves that are as long as 9cm (36 inches), adding up to total length of 118cm (360 inches).

The shade of our artificial ivy varieties also ranges in color from light to dark. Best for creating a romantic ambiance in your home, this set comes with 12 climbing vines so you can arrange it however you please.

Otherwise, this can take over the wall, covering windows or spreading to other undesirable locations.

These artificial ivy leaves are crafted from silk cloth. We have made some unique modifications to our fabrication process so as to provide you with a more appealing and seamless product.

You can hang these plants in places such as doors, walls or mirrors, but be sure that they are displayed in an area where there is ample direct more sun.

Unlike a garden-variety vine that grows only upwards, ivy vines will grow faster towards the light. If you have an area in your office that gets lots of natural light, Ivy may be a great addition to your spaces!

Not only does it look beautiful, but you can use it as part of a decorative display around your office. As for how easy it is to maintain, the climbing vines can be easily wiped down with a damp sponge or cloth and will not require constant pruning to stay healthy.

5. Fake Vines for Decoration 36 Strands 250Ft

Fake Vines for Decoration 36 Strands 250Ft

This artificial ivy garland is built from sturdy plastic stems with silk leaves. This means it will maintain its shape and won’t be easily structural damage which makes the quality of this product well worth the cost, however, we strongly recommend storing this in a cool dry place to try and extend the quality as long as possible.

The XiHy artificial growing ivy garland measures up to 250 feet in length, making it ideal for use on bigger walls or festive areas where you would want something longer.

This product also comes with an impressive 80 leaves which look incredibly realistic and are great for adding lush green wherever you choose to display other climbing vines! Some grow twisting tendrils that wrap around items to climb.

XiHY’s fake ivy vines are one hundred percent artificial. Featuring the realistic vein detail on the leaves and a soft, spring green hue, this product looks just like foliage found in a natural setting.

It feels real to touch with its weight and natural curl, which makes it ideal for use in any arrangement requiring lush green. The XiHY fake ivy has many niches — whether you want to use it to bring a bit of liveliness to your home or office or as part of an event backdrop!

You can hang fake vines anywhere you like to make your room or balcony look better. You can use it for any party or home decor, weddings and festivals too.

There are many places you should consider hanging these fake ivy walls, doors, and swing frames, especially for fences but also for plants and shed swings to make them look cleaner.

But remember that besides these plants, fake vines might look great on air-conditioning pipes, water pipes, doorframes, exposed wires, and stairs as well because the realistic details will make them stand out from the others.

6. Ageomet 3pcs Artificial Hanging Plants

Ageomet 3pcs Artificial Hanging Plants

The set includes 3 pcs, and each pack has 168 varying lengths of artificial leaves that add a dramatic look to your aquarium decoration.

You can simply place them on the wood or rock base within the aquarium to enjoy a lush and verdant setting. The plants look so natural in their green shades, they liven up any setup.

The leaves on this artificial hanging planting are made of high-quality fabric and are further enhanced with a spilled glue layer. This leaf is more detailed and better looking than the silk leaves used by others.

Clematis and wisteria are all beautiful plants that climb up supports, rather than clinging against surfaces.

The stem is made of high-quality plastic and subsequently painted over with metallic paint, which ensures that it will be able to support more weight than other brands might allow for.

Modern mortar through the crumbling mortar is a bit stronger, but if your brick surfaces have any damage self-climbing vines may not be right for you.

Fake hanging vines leaves that look like real preserved plants, but do not wither, fade or be easily damaged. In fall, its evergreen leaves turn red, adding a whole new color to your spaces.

You may have seen vines trained in geometric patterns along wire trellis attached to walls and fences. Fake ivy plants are no water, no maintenance required. Add landscapes to your patio or balcony indefinitely throughout the year-round.

This grow Ivy can have a natural, leafy look to it and thus perfectly blend in with the ambiance of your home or office as if it happened to grow there naturally. The growing ivy also has strong stems that can be manipulated into whatever shape you wish.

If a lot of maintenance will be required to take care of this plant, we suggest wrapping it in plastic and tucking it away at the bottom of your closet where you keep all your off-first growing season especially in the winter season, clothing so that you’ll have easy access to them when the need arises to tidy up your spaces again. Best ivy for brick walls.

7. Leaves Room Decor Artificial Ivy Vines

Best ivy for brick Walls

Artificial Ivy is a delightful addition to your home. Enhance the look of your abode with this realistic-looking artificial ivy plant.

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring nature to your home, these faux ivy plants are a splendid start! Place them in high-traffic areas or add to the greenery around floral arrangements.

These adorable pieces of artificial greenery are exactly what you need to bring a fresh touch of nature into your home, whether it be inside or out.

Otherwise, vines can overtake your garden walls, covering up windows or spreading to other undesirable places.

Ivy garlands are perfect for any celebration, holiday, or special occasion. They make great replacements for traditional Christmas tree garlands and can be placed in different areas of the house to add that festive touch!

These vines for bedrooms are made of 100% polyester and decorated with sheer greenery flowers. To climb items, some grow twisting tendrils.

They are unlikely to damage your brickwork because they just stick on top of the masonry bricks, rather than trying to root into its brickwork.

Climbing roses, jasmine, clematis, and wisteria are all gorgeous, attractive climbing plants whose vines twine up supports rather than clinging to surfaces. As the mortar wears away, aggressive vines such as English ivy can infiltrate cracks and weaknesses

They come in seven colors that allow you to match your wall décor for wedding parties, hanging decor, wall decoration, or rustic green room decor. Perfect for bedrooms that need some color and feel fresh.

Growing ivy garland is normal for the leaves to have a slightly peculiar smell. Plants out of doors naturally tend to lose moisture and absorb airborne particulates through their leaves and stems.

Please put it in a ventilated place for a period of time before use. If you need it urgently, you can spray some perfume on it.


Is Virginia creeper harmful?

The berries of Virginia Creeper can be poisonous when ingested and the rest of the climbing plant contains tannins (also known as phlobaphenes) which can irritate the skin of some people.

How do you identify Boston ivy?

Boston ivy is cordate-oval, palmately lobed (usually with 3 lobes), and creates or slightly undulates along the margins.

Boston ivy requires frequent pruning to maintain its shape and avoid overrunning shutters, windows, gutters, etc., or other types of vines if you want something more colorful. Prune and maintain the vines regularly

Their upper surface is medium to dark green and hairless. Young dark green leaves of mature plants are similar, except they are yellowish-green and coarsely dentate along the edges.

Is English ivy a good plant?

English ivy can be groundcover for shady areas! English ivy is popular because it’s also very easy to grow and maintain. English ivy (Hedera helix) is a clinging vine with aerial roots.

As long as you’re willing to keep it watered, you’re good to have English ivy as you quickly cover the plant.

And since they enjoy a shaded setting, they’re perfect if you’re looking for groundcover plants that can grow in the areas of your backyard/garden that would usually be hard to decorate with anything else, due to lack of proper lighting.


Best ivy for brick walls. Plants Ivy are some of the strongest plants in the world, and with such strength comes a lot of responsibility when caring for such a plant.

We hope that this blog post has given you some valuable insight about plant ivy, and if you’re still interested in knowing more. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.

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