Best garden edging shears

Best garden edging shears. Having a lawn that is neatly cut and creates a picture-perfect image can be a great conversation starter. However, it takes more than just going over it with a decent-quality lawnmower to create such an eye-catching landscape.

Garden edging shears are often used for this purpose because they offer precise cutting power to the edges of the thick grass up to ¼” of the surface, but there come times when they are not enough to create an aesthetically pleasing end result.

For example, when the edge of your lawn is close to a fence or wall, then even this type of equipment may not have what it takes to get into those hard-to-reach spots.

This is when you need high-quality edging shears! Edging shears are heavy-duty scissors designed specifically for trimming around areas that are difficult to reach with typical trimmers including curbs and sidewalks.

They can easily cut off those grasses along fences and driveways without having you bent over using a traditional pair of best garden shears.

8 Best garden edging shears

1. Spear and Jackson 4900RSS Razorsharp SteelBest garden edging shears

Spear & Jackson’s Professional Grass Shears are an invaluable asset to any gardener. With their strong carbon steel blades, they cut through grass easily even when wet!

The lacquered black carbon steel blades prevent rusting while sharpening themselves on rocks and dirt while the springy handle with a non-slip rubber soft grip makes it easy to work when cutting at a comfortable height. A must-have for any gardener.

We also like the comfortable non-slip grips on the tubular steel handles that make them easy to work with.

One thing we like less is that they are heavier than some of the other bypass shears on our list above. For some jobs, electric or petrol string trimmer or lawn mowers are handy to have.

Most people will be able to use them, but if you need a pair of shears for extended cutting sessions, your hands might ache a bit after a period. All of the various adjustable positions for those with rotating blades.

The telescopic handles are also a bit short for taller gardeners out there. In sum, an affordable option that offers great quality overall and should be included on any shopping list for new gardeners.

These shears have sharp blades and smooth cuts as well as high-quality construction materials, making them again another contender that shouldn’t be overlooked so check them out.

The the angled blade is made of C50 carbon as they are excellent for resisting rust. They have a polished lacquer finish that protects the metal and makes them last longer.

2. Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Lawn edging ShearsSpear and Jackson Razorsharp Lawn edging Shears

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Edging Shears have just returned to stock. Straight out of the box I was very impressed with them.

Your background has been a keen gardener for many years and used varying varieties of edging shears in the past – they were all good enough but this was the first pair that offered an extra-sharp blade.

This garden edging a much cleaner cut with great precision when restoring the lawn edges of my garden beds and borders.

And even if you don’t garden or work on your lawn, these long-handled shears are built to last perfect for serious craftsmen and others who want a long-lasting product that can withstand heavy use with ease.

These shears with an aluminum handle are easier to use because they are so lightweight, they never rust, and in turn, ensure that your user experience is second to none.

As you might have realized these edging shears can cut a lot of curved edges across most terrains which include heavy branches which makes them incredibly versatile.

Their ergonomic handles, quality designs, and manufacturing help gardeners all over the country with their everyday gardening needs.

3. GARDENA Classic Grass ShearsGARDENA Classic Grass Shears

These shears feature a self-sharpening ergonomic design that ensures cutting stainless steel blade that stays sharp over time. Stainless steel blades are easier to maintain, require less maintenance, and are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

They’re constructed with lightweight metals and are coated to protect against rust and other damages caused by moisture.

The blades are coated with an anti-adhesion coating that keeps plant debris and trimmings from sticking. Powerful spring action helps to open the blades between cuts

The one-handed safety lock allows users to easily open the blade, and even easier to close it again when they’ve finished their cutting job. These shears have many good benefits such as a 25-year guarantee–that they will last for your personal use or be replaced free of charge! You can rest assured these shears will cut through anything you need them to!

Our biggest problem with these shears is that the high carbon steel blades are relatively short and therefore take longer to use than your average pair of scissors.

However, since they cost less than other pet grooming scissors, for sale it’s worth overlooking this problem unless you truly need ones that allow you to work standing up.

Moreover, the ergonomic handle may be uncomfortable but we’ve found the best way to avoid blisters is by wearing gloves while working so the discomfort factor can easily be resolved by taking a small personal initiative, in our opinion.

4. Wilkinson Sword 1111138WF WS LongWilkinson Sword 1111138WF WS Long

The Wilkinson Sword brand is known for producing high-quality tools, and this is one of their newest additions.

Featuring a durable carbon steel blade with a non-stick coating, the blade will hold its edge for a long time and slice through the grass like butter while still leaving sharp and clean edges to your lawn. The handle also features a comfortable grip and a long lifespan with no corrosion.

These shears are a little on the heavy side, so if you lack upper body strength, you may find yourself growing fatigued quite quickly.

The cutting action is a little stiff and typically will require some oil in order to eliminate this issue, but these shears have an excellent 10-year guarantee and do their edging job like no other!

Soft grips make it easy to use a tool. Wilkinson Sword has re-designed their garden knives this year with soft grips for easier handling and smoother cutting action.

Also offering you a full 10-year guarantee on the quality and workmanship, so you can buy with confidence.

5. EasyKut Grass Shears, Black, and OrangeEasyKut Grass Shears, Black, and Orange

If you want to use EasyKut Grass Shears for a variety of tasks, from cutting off tree branches on your property to grooming the edges of your lawn, then these are the shears for you. The vertical blades can rotate and tilt so that you may choose the proper angle before cutting.

Combined with a wheel, this tool is specifically designed to reduce the overuse of your hands or wrists. You will appreciate the high-density foam for not only ease of comfort but also for preventing injuries when the product is put away as well.

One thing you don’t know is that the cutting ratcheting mechanism may not last a few years. If the rope inside breaks it is still worth buying because it will give you a lot of time to do many projects.

Another thing is that the tool doesn’t have much cutting force. It can almost cut a small branch, but it might struggle with bigger things like tree stumps or logs or trees.

Also, the tool is versatile and cheap so it’s worth checking out if you need something that can help with your yard.

6. Bahco P75 Edging ShearBahco P75 Edging Shear

Bahco has always set the standard for edging shears. ​This Bahco edging shear features hardened steel horizontal blades that are designed to be durable and retain a fine edge for a long time.

The precision cutting blade is also coated in black xylan, which reduces friction, giving you a cleaner cut. Furthermore, it incorporates a self-locking nut stainless steel blade that helps it hold tension during use and makes the cutting experience more comfortable and less fatiguing.

There are two things that really stand upright out about these long-handled grass shears: one, they’re incredibly durable, and two, they’re practically foolproof.

In our experience, even all of the experienced gardeners who tried them found them easy to use, with a nice feel in the hand and a sense of balance that allows you to do fine work even if you aren’t a professional landscape artist.

Finally, if you’re looking for a good pair of lightweight edging shears that offers excellent value, then this one could be it. This higher-end pair offers exceptional value and is something you will use again and again!

7. Robert Dyas Darlac Telescopic Edging ShearRobert Dyas Darlac Telescopic Edging Shear

Taller people might find regular shears to be uncomfortable. This can lead to back ache and if that’s you, then you should consider getting yourself a pair of Robert Dyas Darlac Telescopic Shears.

For strength and durability, the blades on these edging shears have been drop forged, hardened, and armour chrome plated.

These best lawn edging shears long-handled pruning shears easily adjust to your height so no more stooping over when trimming around the edges! They’re also lightweight and anyone using them will feel comfortable.

The overall build quality is excellent and these tough long-handled garden scissors provide outstanding results when cutting and pruning around the edges of lawns. Since they are built to last, they can be expected to serve you for years and years.

The only issue with the design of these shears is made curvature of the blades coated, which slightly increases their chance of getting out of alignment. This makes them a little harder to sharpen than some other models too.

More concerning is the scissors’ packaging being glued on. Though overall they usually come off without any real issues, some people have complained that this particular glue was extremely inconvenient to remove in full and have had to resort to using a knife or another tough tool instead.

This product is a lightweight model, adjustable handles in length, and offers good quality cutting. It’s great for someone who is looking to cut clean.

8. Fiskars Servo-System Grass ShearFiskars Servo-System Grass Shear

Best garden edging shears. Not only are these manual grass shears good at cutting grass on the surface, but they’re also great for precise tasks like trimming smaller areas of overgrowth along the edges of your lawn.

They’re easy to operate, although they might seem a little flimsy to some users if you take care with them and treat them right, however, they should serve you for years.

Also, since the durable blades are quite short, it might take some time to get used to using these corona grass shears.

The blades on these edging shears are drop forged, And since the swivel blade grass shears are on the long side of things, it might take you a while longer to reach around corners or bend over lower areas in your lawn.

which is something to keep in mind if speed is something you’re concerned about with such best grass shears. If you want to reduce the amount of garden waste you are going to throw away, consider using a garden shredder

These are only minor drawbacks though and this could still be the solution you’re looking for if you need something that will help you cut straight edges even in places that aren’t accessible by hand. So if either of those pertains to you in any way, make sure to check these out!

Using the latest in swivel blade shears technology, these edging shear makes use of the most advanced materials and is built for precision and control.

The result is a top-of-the-line beard trimmer is trimming decorative grasses with an adjustable comb for precise trimming of every blade length you desire, from stubble to full beard. Leave people awestruck by your crisp cut and looking good from all angles.


What is the difference between lawn shears and edging shears?

Around the edge of the lawn, you will find Lawn Edging Shears and on the top of the lawn, you’ll find Lawn Shears. The main difference is that the Lawn Edge Shears enable the user to firmly hold and control them more securely at tight angles around flower beds, trees, or steps whereas users can cut flat on full lawns.

With a scissor action, they won’t be able to get into tight spaces as easily as with Edging anvil Shears. Anvil shears are best for already dead plants, as they can cause more of a crushing motion


Best garden edging shears. If you are looking for quality edging shears, then you should not hesitate there are high-quality edging shears in a broad range of sizes and styles. In addition to being used for cutting grass, edging shears can also be used to trim hedges and shrubs, so this is an important consideration when you are purchasing them.

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