How to clear land by hand

How to clear land by hand. It might be a challenging undertaking to clear land. Cleaning property can be simple and inexpensive in some circumstances, especially if you have the right tools.

In other cases, clearing your chosen area of land may need a significant amount of time and money. After you’ve purchased a plot of land, you’ll probably need to remove it until you can start building.

How to clear land by hand
How to clear land by hand

It can be hard to manage overrun lots with shrubbery and huge plants, particularly if you don’t have a lot of equipment.

Farmers have already been removing land using massive equipment for many years, which may appear complicated at first.

You can split the area into quadrants and focus on one section at a time to make the procedure more reasonable. 

You can also divide your project into portions based on your goals, such as clearing trees, brushing, underbrush, fertilizing the area, or removing stumps. Read on to discover more.

Tools Necessary for Land Clearing

You’ll require a range of instruments to operate, depending on the size of your property and the number of trees, shrubs, plants, and other garbage on it.

If your piece of land is tiny and only has a couple of saplings and bushes, it might be possible to sweep it in a single weekend using simple hand equipment like a shovel, and a hand saw.

In saving time and completing a project efficiently, it is critical to employ the appropriate equipment. You may have to break out certain bigger, more forceful tools.

If your piece of land contains numerous giant trees or densely populated trees. Chainsaws, bulldozers, heavy equipment, and other large-scale machinery are examples.

Clearing Trees and Brush

They are now using an ax or a chainsaw to cut down older trees. Using specific instruments, still, be cautious. When you’ve used it before, have a friend or family member with more expertise give you a quick tutorial when you get started.

Around one foot from the ground, cut a 45-degree angle into the tree.

 You must cut the tree down on the side where it will fall. The wedge should cut about a third of the way through the tree’s diameter.

To make a hinge, slice another 45-degree wedge slightly higher than the first notch on the opposite side of the first notch. This cut should go halfway through the tree.

Removing Stumps

Removing Stumps

You can usually dig the stump out with a shovel if the tree has shallow roots and the stump is small enough. Drill until the seeds are exposed, cut, and pull more extensive roots with an ax or pruning shears.

Stump grinders are extensive power equipment that reaches underground and use sharp metal teeth to remove the seeds.

 If you have got a lot of stumps to eliminate, you may be able to rent one from a household renovation store or hire a professional.

If the tree has been dead for more than a year, use chemicals to remove the stump. Drill 5-6 holes at the top of the stump to do this. After that, fill the holes with water and crushed potassium nitrate.

Clearing Underbrush

With trimming scissors, chainsaws, or hatchets, cut down considerable underbrush. Cut as close to the underpart of the brush as feasible, although huge meetings, such as shrubs, may have to be removed in portions.

Before moving on to the next plant, bide your care to ensure the entire plant is removed down to the root. 

Hand-pull small weeds and detritus, and remove sticks and garbage. Make a small pile on a clean parcel of land to place all of your trash for disposal.

If you want to use the debris to fertilize the soil, you can make a decomposition box or pile. If you can’t get rid of a weed by pulling or chopping it, dig it up using a shovel or spade.


Although land cleaning is a time-consuming process that typically necessitates the use of heavy gear and many hours of labor, it may also be done by hand and by you.

Because many land clearing businesses are paid by the hour, they attempt to remove the piece of land as soon as possible.

Go for it if the parcel of land is small enough to be cleared without significant gear. You’ll take longer than a skilled land clearing business, but you’ll get it done.

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