Best insecticide for sod webworms

Best insecticide for sod webworms. Webworm lawn damage is most significant in cool-season turfgrass. These tiny lawn pests are the young larvae of an unassuming small brown moth.

The larval or caterpillar stage feeding causes dead brown patches in lawns, which may have difficulty recovering to their original state because of their tendency to eat and tunnel through the grass at spots that never grow back fast enough to suit a yard owner’s taste.

Webworms do not come from trees but from a family of small moths called Arctiidae. Get rid of Sod webworm activity controls focused on the larva and not the adult moths; this will be your first step toward sod webworm management on your lawn.

8 Best insecticide for sod webworms

1. Scotts GrubEx1 – Grub Killer for lawn moths

Prevent grubs from damaging your lawn with Scotts GrubEx1 Seasonal Grub Killer. A single application can effectively kill grubs for the whole season to help maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn.

The first generation of Sod Webworms appear in the spring, and the second generation appears in the fall.

Use before or late summer in spring or the first of June, preferably on days when temperatures range between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to controls Japanese beetles that are already developing as well as prevent them in the future.

Treating every year may help control existing infestations that are known to come back year after year. Easily spread over large areas with a Scotts broadcast, drop, handheld, or Wizz hand spreader and be sure to use any applicators inside the three-foot contamination area around your home.

Grubs and other listed lawn and gardens pest including but not limited to: White Grubs, Soil Moths, and Stink Bugs can be a major destructive force to your lawn.

They feed on grassroots, which in turn will cause your lawn to discolor and most likely die giving you a brown patch of land that is easily pulled up. One way to prevent this is by killing the pest beforehand.

The granules should be applied evenly over a dry lawn and watered in thoroughly, preferably when the grass is growing. The application can be done simply by sprinkling the fertilizer over an area of dry turf with an even watering action from a watering can or hose.

2. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns Granules

The tough lawn grubs can cause real damage to your lawn and landscape. These whitish, C-shaped pest feed on the underlying roots of grass, making the turf incapable of absorbing water or nutrients from the soil surfaces.

Because they’re so active in sunny summer weather, adult females tend to lay their eggs hatch into the soil during July while newly hatched grubs begin to feast on the roots of the grass in early August.

The sod webworm is a night feeder. As a result, dry patches of healthy green grass turn brown and die off instead.

Kills ants, roaches, and a variety of other beneficial insects. Applicable in a wide array of circumstances, this product is best used when working to keep your house foundation free from pests that could otherwise disrupt the foundation by entering it through small holes.

We also wish to remind you that this product should not be used around or disposed of near untended pets or pest animals. Spinosad and synthetic pyrethroids are also effective alternatives. The first signs of sod webworm feeding are found in spring. Moths may hide in certain places, so spot treating areas with webworm activity is advised.

You may not see an army but there are beneficial insects hiding in your lawn and garden just waiting for the perfect opportunity to rip off fruits from your plants. Don’t let bugs ruin the beautiful fruits you’ve created!

With Triazicide Insect Killer, you will be able to prevent that from happening because this pesticide is rid of pesky and harmful insects so you don’t have to worry about them attacking and destroying your work of art.

You don’t have to worry about different types of insects because this killer has something in it that can get all of the bugs on your lawn – no matter what they decide to eat. Best insecticide for sod webworms.

3. BugMD Pest Controls Essential Oil Concentrate 3.7 oz

Bugmd is the safe and effective way to target hundreds of indoor and outdoor pests, including ants, fleas, mosquitoes, and roaches.

We do this using essential oil-based pesticides which are designed to help get rid of pests without ever exposing your family and pets to toxic chemicals or fumes while making sure the pesticides you choose are actually safe and effective.

We all know that bugs can be really annoying. There are a lot of things that we can do to try and get rid of them but one thing that many people like to have on hand as an option is a spray bug repellent which can easily be sprayed in and out of the home, including in bathrooms, bedrooms, pet areas, kitchens, baseboards, sheds, cabinets and gardens, and outdoor areas.

Simply add your full Essential Pest concentrate bottle to 27 oz of cold water into your spray bottle and shake it up before each application for the best results. Sod webworms feed at night.

Cleaning supplies that are natural, not toxic, and efficient are hard to come by. budged has been crafted with plant oils such as cottonseed oil and clove oil, and the natural aroma of plants like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus instead of granular insecticide, chemicals, or poisonous fumes.

Bugmd is safe, non-toxic, and versatile enough to work on insects such as roaches, spiders, and ants and to eliminate some species in minutes and others within 30 minutes. You can safely use this formula any time you need to protect your home from pests, even ones that are resistant to pesticides.

4. Ortho BugClear Lawn Insect Killer

Ortho BugClear Lawn Insect Killer is a fast-acting insect killer that kills ants, and ticks, controlling rid of sod webworms, fleas, and spiders.

This safe to use all-in-one product provides lasting controls of insects by contact and deters them from entering your lawn for up to 6 months and protects against ticks, spiders, beetles, and other listed insects.

Treating sod webworms all listed bugs, including ants, ticks, and armyworms, Kill sod webworms, fleas, and spiders with Ortho BugClear Insect Killer.

Use on lawns and around a home’s perimeter along with vegetable gardens (on listed vegetables) and flower beds.

Fast-acting controlling sod webworms above and below the ground and creates a barrier to keep bugs from coming inside (refer to packaging for complete list).

Apply using a Scotts Drop, SpeedyGreen, or EdgeGuard spreader, then water it in. Provides up to 20,000 sq. ft. of coverage.

Scotts makes it easy. Simply water in Ortho’s turfgrass insect and weed control with a Scotts spreader after spreading to treat your lawn, around your home foundation as a perimeter treatment, or on ornamental, flower, herb and vegetable gardens.

For best results spread when the area is thoroughly moist. See the product label for complete information.

5. Mighty Mint Gallon Insect and Pest Control Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has been used by many in order to defend against and assure their perimeters are clear of irritating insects.

The only way to assure your area is sufficiently guarded is with a natural pest repellent spray from Mighty Mint!

Our proprietary blends have been crafted with powerful all-natural ingredients that have been shown time and time again to be effective against pesky ants and other insects.

The potency of these blends will keep your living environment safe and dry, being worry-free for countless days ahead.

Mighty Mint is 100% plant-based. We use a blend of Northwest peppermint essential oil and plants like soybeans, palms, and vegetable oils. And while most pesticides are made with petroleum-derived ingredients, Mighty Mint uses some really unique ones that are derived from plants instead!

Unlike some insect repellents on the market, Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Controls is safe to use around your family and pet, when used as directed.

You can be confident when using this spray around your home that no harmful or toxic chemicals will be left behind, only the refreshing peppermint scent!

6. Monterey Bacillus Killer Insecticide sod webworm damage

This pest control is made from natural ingredients and is safe for use on caterpillars, as well as worms. Such pest include cabbage looper, bagworm, gypsy moth, fall cankerworm, and many more.

This insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis ssp is approved for use in organic gardening.

It has been officially listed as an acceptable material in organic gardening by the “Organic Materials Review Institute” (‘Omri’) the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) endorses this audit process.

However you decide to apply, make sure that your product is being applied using either a pressure sprayer or a trigger spray bottle.

It’s important to back up your application with thorough research and proper practice before performing at an actual job site. Digging into the thatch and finding silk-lined tunnels can help you determine whether it is webworm lawn damage.

Remember to always read the label in its entirety for safety precautions about how best to handle the material for maximum effectiveness!

The Monterey packet is a 1-quart, ready-to-use spray which provides convenient and economical controls of worms and caterpillars on fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals, and shade trees.

It is also capable of controlling leafroller larvae on several crops, including cotton, beans, cucurbits, and potatoes. That’s what it says in the coupon for PT Monterey B.T. Biological Insecticide offered by Ormsbee’s Bug B Gone & Lawn Service.

7. Bonide (BND95349) – Insect Control Systemic Granules

These convenient granules are ready to use right away so you can start enjoying your garden without being disappointed.

These granules will provide long-lasting preventative control against a range of common lawn pests, including Japanese beetles in adult and grub stages from destroying the plant in your flower beds, roses, and shrubs.

Bonide Systemic Granules makes for a great alternative to killing off pesky insects with its powerful ingredients that eradicate pesky pest like fungus gnats, mealybugs, whiteflies, termites, and more.

At the top of the list are the most effective and least harmful to natural enemies, honey bees, and the environment. These critters hang out right at the surfaces of the soil, but the adults are easier to spot

With any good strategy on your battle plan, there is always room for contingencies should the situation switch from offensive to defensive.

For example, be considerate of what those pesky allergies can do to the susceptible and why it may not allow you to use this product effectively such as in their presence.

There is no specific mess associated with this pesticide granule formula because it doesn’t involve a spray. The dry application of the granules makes this product simple to use and control without needing to worry about damaging anything else in the garden beside the targeted pests.

This insect killer is not meant to be applied directly to produce. This product is labeled for use on flowers and other ornamental plants, but it should not be used directly on vegetables or fruit.

8. BioAdvanced 700740M 24-Hour Grub Plus

BioAdvanced Grub Killer Plus uses a neurotoxin as its active ingredient that is lethal to grubs. This can be used in the early spring, summer, and fall seasons.

The 24-hour tick killer prevents lawn damage all season long by suppressing infestations of these destructive pest.

The ready-to-use granules measure 10 pounds, making application easy with any rotary or drop spreader. For best results, mow your lawn at 3 inches or less before spraying.

BioAdvanced Grub Killer Plus kills grubs, earwigs, crickets, and more, providing preventative treatment for the entire growing season to save money on future grub control costs. Adults can be seen on the soil surface, but they are more difficult to see at the soil surface.

Granules that are applied to your lawn will stop grubs and other listed pest like leaf-eating beetles, not just from digging up the good grasses but also from eating away at your leaves.

After you have watered the granules down and they have been absorbed into the soils, pest like weevils are killed on contact with the leaves having digested this special formula that is toxic to their species of bug.

One application of this special pill kills European crane flies in 24 hours, and their larval stage requires feeding in the grassroots during the spring and summer seasons, creating brown patches.

The heaviest feeding occurs as they mature and turn into adult crane flies during summertime. Best insecticide for sod webworms.


What about Sod webworm larvae?

Webworms are destructive pests for any lawn. They are the larvae of a moth and feed on grass leaves, grass blades, and stems. They also eat from the crowns of trees and shrubs, which severely weakens them.

The adult small white brown moth is shiny brown with white spots on their wings. On average they live 40 days, mating 4 to 6 times during that period. Prevent sod webworms can damage your lawn by eating holes in it or giving it various other diseases.

Explanation of sod webworms with nematodes?

Sod Guard protects ornamental plants and turf from damage caused by grass webworms, sod webworm larvae and cutworms.

Using Sod Guard as a method of control will provide the most effective results for turf insect control by applying the nematodes in late April to Early May to target the first generation before signs of damage are observed.


Best insecticide for sod webworms. We hope you enjoyed this blog about sod webworm control and lawn care. This is a common problem for many homeowners and we are glad we could help you learn about the best ways to care for your lawn.

If you have any questions about sod webworm control or any other lawn care questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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