About us

My name is SQ, and I created Own the Yard to help people build the best backyard experience possible. A few years ago, my family and I decided to move, and we had to consider so many factors before making a decision.

However, the one thing I was certain of was that I wanted a big backyard. I remember playing in my own backyard as a child and experiencing all the great times that come with it.

Now, I want to help others create those same memories.

In a world where it seems like there’s a screen everywhere you look, I wanted my children to have a backyard that would constantly tempt them to go explore and have some fun. So, we made the move and found a home with a backyard a few times larger than our previous one.

I was ecstatic! Now, when I feel like my kids have been on the computer for too long, you might often hear me say, “Hey, why don’t you go play out in the backyard?”

I started my backyard journey not knowing much about what I wanted or needed. There are a lot of products, landscape ideas, tools, projects, and events to consider, and it was overwhelming at first. I wanted to share my journey in the hopes that it would help others who might be feeling the same way.

My goal is to share what I learn as I go, and to provide helpful information that will inspire readers with design and landscape ideas. I also want to help people make informed buying decisions when it comes to stocking up their own yards. Check out Our gardenreviews